5 Reasons to use an Energy Broker

5 Reasons why you should use an Energy Broker

In the quest to keep energy costs down, more and more businesses are enlisting the services of a business energy broker.

The UK energy market is increasingly complex, and because energy prices and regulations are in a constant state of flux, it can be difficult for businesses to find the right contract. Most businesses don’t have the time or the expertise to manage their own business energy procurement and regulate energy expenses in-house. So why not outsource it?

This is where a respectable and independent energy broker can prove to be valuable to your business. An energy broker acts as an intermediary between the energy suppliers and business energy consumers; their role is to get the best contract for their clients.

Over 60% of UK energy is now procured through energy brokers and consultants. This reveals just how preferable the practice of energy procurement through a trusted third party has become.

But what do energy brokers offer that make them so vital to UK businesses?


Energy brokers have an in-depth understanding of the commercial energy market. It’s their business, it’s what they do. The best brokers will constantly monitor gas and electricity market prices, in order to help their clients make informed buying decisions. Why not take advantage of their industry knowledge and experience?


A fundamental advantage of using business energy brokers is their impartiality – they are (and most definitely should be) an independent third party. Because they work independently of all the UK commercial gas and electricity suppliers, their service is totally unbiased, meaning they are in a position to get businesses the best possible deal. It is vitally important that they don’t take commissions from any suppliers, as this is a glaring conflict of interest. More importantly, it increases the likelihood that you haven’t got the lowest price for energy.

Full Energy Management Service

Many of the top energy brokers offer an energy management service. The on-going support and contract management means that clients can focus on running their businesses, rather than having to worry about the contract fine print. Energy brokers remind clients well in advance of their contract renewal date, ensuring they won’t automatically rollover to a new contract. This gives clients plenty of time to shop around and take advantage of any new business energy offers. One of the biggest selling points of going through a broker is probably that you will never have to sit on the phone trying to get hold of your energy supplier because all contractual queries can be directed to your broker.

Strong supplier relationships

Energy suppliers need energy brokers. This is because they are an important channel to retail energy markets. The longer the brokers have been in the industry the better, as this means they’ve had time to develop strong supplier relationships. These working relationships with business gas and electricity suppliers ensure that brokers can pass on extremely competitive prices, without compromising the standard of the energy service their clients receive.

Brokers keep suppliers competitive

Using an energy broker creates competition in the commercial energy market, which can only be a good thing for businesses. Energy suppliers are more likely to offer better prices to brokers, in comparison to those they give directly to customers because they know they must compete for the contracts. As well as this, they know competitive pricing through a broker can get them more business from the broker in the future. The competitive element puts the power in the hands of the buyer and ultimately leads to lower business energy costs.

Choosing energy brokers with a successful track record is an opportunity for your business to make significant savings when it comes to business energy costs. So why not? Smarter Business’s energy experts have extensive knowledge of and experience in the UK commercial energy market.

Contact us today – we’re ready to save you time and money.


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