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Bill Validation

Making sure you are paying the correct amount on each and every utility bill takes time and resources.

The practice of estimated billing and incorrect tariff charges means that some businesses may be overpaying their utility bills by between 3% and 5% every year. A lot of energy invoices sent to customers are incorrect, but go unquestioned as they are not scrutinised by administration or finance.

Smarter Business Ltd helps you avoid overpaying by checking your energy invoices from the last six years, as well as by validating on-going bills. Suppliers are legally allowed to claim back any overspend for up to 6 years.

We help you by:

  • Checking invoices against contract rates
  • Validating meter charges
  • Analysing standing charges
  • Recovering any overspend
  • Ensuring accurate on-going bills
  • Providing on-going validation each month, before the invoice due date


Typical issues found on bills:

  • Incorrect rates used on invoices
  • Rates differing to those agreed to at the start of the contract period
  • Charges against incorrect meters
  • Incorrect standing charges

Why are customers unhappy with bills received from their suppliers?

We’ll make inaccurate billing a thing of the past

Errors in bill calculations

Errors in meter readings

Too many estimated bills

Poor customer service

Wrong tariff or contract rate

Bills too complicated to understand


Many companies, particularly owners of office parks or businesses that manage multi-tenant properties, have a need for sub-metering and/or tenant re-billing. Recent regulations have now made this a mandatory requirement for landlords, to re-bill accurately and provide evidence, such as a meter read from a compliant sub-meter. Sub-metering helps you understand where energy is used in your buildings and, according to the Carbon Trust, is the best energy technology investment a business can make.

Smarter Business’s sub-metering solutions provide valuable energy information by delivering affordable and effective sub-metering systems for gas and electricity.

Benefits of Compliant Sub-Metering:

  • Recover utility costs within the monthly rental fee
  • Allocate costs to each tenant
  • Each unit is metered and tenant pays only for what they use, which encourages energy savings
  • Enables building owners to eliminate exposure to bad debt
  • Enhances building owners’ corporate image
  • Helps to avoid any regulatory penalties

"We were very pleased with the quality of service Britelite Windows received from Smarter Business
for the change of our electricity supply contracts. We found them
professional, ensuring we got the best deal on the market that met our particular
needs, being happy to change proposed supplier if they were not a good fit for us.
Their communication was first class as was the after sales service, helping us obtain
monies due from the previous supplier.

Our Account Manager offered us first class service, and we would not hesitate in
recommending Smarter Business to other businesses."

-PETER BOYCE - Britelite Windows


"We tried for months to sort out the mess that was our complex electricity supply in a
building that we had procured in the town centre. A call from an Account Manager
at Smarter Business came at the time; we had almost given up. He quickly and
professionally sorted out the mess and arranged supply at a very sensible price. He
then did the same for another charity that I run. He is currently liaising with Eon
regarding a new gas installation."

-IAIN OGILVIE - Liberty Church Wirral

"I cannot recommend Smarter Business’s service highly enough! As a Chef, I am constantly working
“in the business” and rarely have time to look at some of the day to day costs like
energy. Using your service I have managed to save over 30% on my bills, with
very little effort on my side. I look forward to you calling me again at renewal time!"

-ERIC PAYET - La Rive Restaurant

"Smarter Business’s attitude was completely different to all the other companies we called, who said it would
take at least 6 weeks to get a new meter. Smarter Business assured us we would get our meter installed on
time and we did. We had our meter installed on the morning of the 30th March and our units were commissioned
later that evening, ensuring we didn’t lose a significant sum of money from the reduction in tariffs.
Our Account Manager kept us well informed
each step of the way and pushed things through to ensure our deadlines were met.

I have dealt with a lot of different contractors through my work and have to say Smarter Business's “can do”
attitude and commitment to customer service really stands out."

-MARK HODGKINSON - MAAT Company Accountant

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