Brexit and Waste Management

What will happen with Brexit and waste management in the UK? As the country waits with bated breath for 29 March, industry is starting to […]

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Are energy prices on the increase this summer?

What Influences UK Energy Prices?

What influences UK energy prices? Global energy markets Brent crude oil Coal costs Carbon markets Liquid natural gas The world economy Environmental factors Read on […]

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Smarter Business Weekly Energy Industry Market Review - Desk with graphs

Smarter Energy Market Review – Jan 2019

Pricing Headlines for the Month Wholesale prices last month All wholesale power contracts rose in December, while gas contracts experienced mixed trends. Seasonal power contracts […]

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Is Business Energy Cheaper than Domestic Energy

What is a watt?

Between watts, watt hours, energy, and power, it can become confusing to work out what each term means. Although watts and watt-hours are related terms, […]

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