5 Signs It’s Time to Compare Business Energy Prices

In today’s competitive energy market, it pays to compare business energy prices. A growing number of energy suppliers in the UK means a wide range of business energy prices and packages.

Did you know? Suppliers are making around £500m in excess profits due to UK businesses overpaying on utility bills.

By shopping the market and taking the time to compare business energy quotes, your organisation can save up to 40% on business energy tariffs.

Here are 5 signs that it’s time to compare business energy prices:

  1. Your existing energy contract is coming to an end. You have a window period before your contract ends to compare business energy prices to identify potential savings.
  2. You are on a deemed contract. Out-of-contract rates are expensive, so it’s best to negotiate or source a new contract before your existing energy contract comes to an end.
  3. Your options are limited. An energy supplier may recommend a deal to you without including all the energy contract options available, which means that you’re not able to compare business energy prices comprehensively.
  4. You signed up when energy market rates were high. You may have started a new contract when energy prices were high. This means that you are stuck paying higher rates than you need to.
  5. Your supplier hasn’t taken your unique circumstances into account. A number of variables affect the price you pay for your energy. In addition, every organisation has its own context and requirements that will affect the kind of energy contract to suit their specific needs.

Do any of the points below apply to your business? If so, you may be interested in reading our full guide on this topic to find out what you can do next to compare business energy prices and ensure that you’re not paying more than you need to.

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