Best Business Electricity Rates UK with Smarter Business + BAS Energy

Best Business Electricity Rates UK with Smarter Business + BAS Energy

With the aim of providing the best business electricity rates UK, Smarter Business acquired BAS Energy in July 2017. BAS is one of the UK’s leading independent energy consultancies, helping businesses manage, monitor and save on their energy costs.

Smarter Business were the original founders of BAS. The acquisition has brought great value to the customers of both companies. The Smarter Busines group is now one of the largest energy brokers in the UK, with circa 250 staff. Our company is committed to giving SME and corporate customers the best rates and contracts across a range of core business necessities.

The purchase is in line with our expansion and diversification aims, with BAS Energy’s attributes extending our offerings. As our name suggests, we are dedicated to helping our customers do smarter business through strategy and savings on core business services and utilities. This acquisition means that additional services like water deregulation services, facilities management, and energy efficiency services will now be available to BAS customers, adding another avenue through which customers can receive substantial savings. Customers also now have access to a trusted one-stop-shop for all of their core business necessities.

What we do  – best business electricity rates UK and more!

Smarter Business offers a brokerage service to UK businesses – advising, negotiating, and procuring the best deals for customers across a range of general business overheads including gas, electricity, water, telecoms, and insurance. Our underlying philosophy is to dramatically reduce costs for their customers. This is something we have done successfully for thousands of clients since our inception in 2015.