With strategic laundromat energy efficiency, you can wash your hands clean of expensive energy bills. There are a number of ways for laundromats to reduce energy use, all readily-available and proven within the sector.

Did you know?

  • 90% of the energy cost of running a laundromat goes towards heating water or air for washing and drying.
  • Only 10% of the energy used goes towards running the motor

Here are 10 top tips for laundromat energy efficiency

  1. Sort and classify products correctly and ensure that the correct machine setting is used.
  2. Count the various pieces and load machines with the correct weights.
  3. Use the minimum utilities, time and chemicals required to achieve the correct quality with minimal rewash.
  4. And when you do need to rewash items, implement a procedure that will incur minimal waste.
  5. Train operators on how to operate all the laundromat equipment efficiently.
  6. Prevent equipment from idling by maintaining continuous laundry processing along the various steps for maximum laundromat energy efficiency.
  7. Maintain your equipment regularly to make sure it is working optimally, and budget for a strategic replacement schedule.
  8. Remove any redundant pipework
  9. Make sure that all steam distribution lines are correctly insulated and drained.
  10. Switch suppliers and save up to 40%. We know that running a laundromat is an energy-intensive undertaking. Switching to cheaper tariffs can result in significant savings – like the £900,000 we saved for Essex County Laundry.

Could your laundromat energy efficiency strategy save £900,000 on your energy bill?

Tailor-made energy solutions and strategies save £900,000 for Essex County Laundry

Essex County Laundry Managing Director, James Lincoln: “Smarter Business’ expertise in managing and tendering contracts enabled us to enter into a new trading arrangement for better use of the wholesale market. This resulted in significant savings of around £900,000 between 2013 and 2017.”

“Smarter Business engaged with us to understand our business and energy requirements, structuring a contract which provides ongoing savings. They re-tendered with other suppliers that better suited our needs. They also validated our invoices on a monthly basis and, to date, they have found errors in billing amounting to £34,000, which they managed to claim back for us.

Our expertise in energy solutions for high-volume laundromats and our understanding of your unique business circumstances allow us to provide a tailor-made energy strategy to secure notable savings for your laundromat. We also continue to offer strategic energy management advice, monitor your contracts and report on energy use to help you take advantage of strategic laundromat energy efficiency. Contact a Smarter Business consultant today for a free, no-obligation quote.