When Woodgrange Laundry approached Smarter Business, their corporate energy contract was not suitable for their energy-intensive business. They had also been overcharged by their gas supplier, which has billed one of their meters incorrectly. It was up to us to find a solution, and devise and implement a strategy for savings.

A high-end commercial laundry, Woodgrange Laundry has several branches across London, catering to a range of clients. With multiple sites with high energy use, securing the right corporate energy contract is critical to their overall success.

Managing Director Daniel Browne says: “Smarter Business enabled us to sort out the issues with our existing energy provider and re-tender with another that better suited our needs. A new electricity contract was arranged, as well as a new gas deal.”

As a result of Smarter Business renegotiating the corporate energy contract, Woodgrange Laundry was able to secure savings of £30 000. “Their expertise in managing contracts enabled us to get a new arrangement that gave us access to the wholesale market, which resulted in significant savings,” said Browne.

The right corporate energy contract for Woodgrange – how we did it

  • Woodgrange’s new corporate energy contract trades gas through the month in line with fluctuations in the market price.
  • The new contract replaces the unit rate and standard daily charge with gas purchased upfront.
  • Implementing a climate change agreement has also significantly reduced Woodgrange’s costs, providing 65% relief on one of their charges. The result is a savings of around £3300 per year on electricity and £5500 on gas.

Corporate energy contract savings are just the start…

As part of our corporate energy procurement service, we continue to offer strategic energy management advice. We monitor their contracts and report on energy use to identify energy efficiencies. Trusted for our solutions-driven approach and expertise, we have now built a strong partnership with Woodgrange Laundry.

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