Energy is often overlooked by businesses as a necessary overhead over which they have little control. But with the help of an expert energy broker, businesses can begin to make their energy work for them, not the other way around!

Many businesses are already stretched when it comes to resources, and finding someone to manage the company’s energy portfolio is simply not an option. That’s why savvy business owners and managers choose to outsource this function to an independent energy broker

In this blog post, we reveal five ways that business energy brokers can help companies save money.  

#1 Supplier switches 

A quick win when it comes to saving on energy is switching to a cheaper deal. With so many energy suppliers on the market, there are a number of competitive offers out there. If you’re not shopping around and comparing quotes, you may be missing out on significant savings. 

Conducting this process, however, is easier said than done. When comparing quotes, it can become challenging to make an ‘apples with apples’ comparison. Suppliers charge differently for different aspects of your energy bill – standing charges, unit costs, passing on of third-party costs, non-commodity costs etc. Energy consultants have access to tools and expertise that allow them to compare quotes and make an accurate recommendation as to the cheapest supplier for your business’ needs. They’ll also walk you through the entire switching process and will handle most of the administration on your behalf. 

#2 Invoice validation

It’s not uncommon for energy suppliers to make billing errors – due to supplier switches, consumption estimates, incorrect VAT charges and other factors. Over time, these amounts add up. Avoid spending more than you need to on your business energy by conducting an invoice validation process. Invoice validation includes a thorough review of energy bills to ensure that any discrepancies are highlighted and rectified. 

The reasons most businesses neglect to validate all their invoices is simple – time, resources and know-how. An energy broker understands the complex world of utility billing and can conduct the invoice validation process on your behalf, allowing you to focus on your core business operations.

#3 Energy monitoring and management

Saving money on energy starts with effective energy portfolio management. Managing and monitoring your energy usage and portfolio allows you to quickly and accurately identify energy cost-saving opportunities, improving your profitability and competitiveness. 

Your energy broker may provide you with cloud-based software that links up with your smart meter to provide real-time data and automated energy reporting – all at the touch of a button. 

#4 Free electric vehicle charging stations 

Government grants are offering up to £500 per electric vehicle charge point. As part of our energy consultancy services, we offer to pay the balance of £299 per charging point. With the Smarter Charger offer, your business can get up to 20 free charge points and free installation worth £13,980. Installing EV charging units at your business can help your business save money on transport costs, serve as an added benefit to staff, or become an additional revenue stream. Making a commitment to a greener fleet can also benefit your brand’s reputation. 

#5 Savings on other business-essential services 

Some business energy brokers offer additional utilities services such as water procurement and waste management. This helps streamline your service provision, giving you fewer bills and one point of contact for all your utilities management. Your consultant will help you switch suppliers, identify efficiencies and help you manage your entire utilities portfolio (all without charging a fee!), saving you time and money. 

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