Running a hotel or B&B is an energy-intensive undertaking, which is why taking steps to save energy for hotels can result in significant savings – without affecting the customer experience.

Did You Know? The hospitality sector’s annual energy costs exceed £1.3 billion. Imagine how a few simple changes can save energy for hotels…

Here are 8 simple ways to save energy for hotels and B&Bs:

  1. Control your heating using timed thermostats and radiator valves.
  2. Maintain your building at a constant temperature between 19°C and 21°C. This has proven to be the ideal temperature for a good night’s sleep – not too stuffy, but not too cool.
  3. Use energy efficient devices in rooms. To avoid initial capital expenditure, you can phase in energy efficient devices as your appliances need to be replaced.
  4. Insulate your pipes to make sure you’re not losing any heat.
  5. Use motion sensor devices to control your lighting, switching off the lights when guests aren’t in the room.
  6. Switch to low energy light bulbs. Did you know? – LED lights use up to 80% less energy than halogen bulbs.
  7. Have your boiler serviced regularly. When it’s working efficiently, you can save up to 5% on your annual heating costs. You can also use a timer programme to turn your boiler off when guests are out.
  8. Use our free service to compare energy quotes and tailor an energy strategy for your hospitality business. Contact an energy expert today. 
  9. Use our handy calculator to find out how much you could save on your hotel’s energy bills.

Here’s how we secured £250,000 in energy savings for the SuperCity Hotel Chain

Ryan Mason, SuperCity Financial Director: “We have over 150 rooms, as well as kitchens and restaurants, each needing heating, lighting, and refrigeration. Energy is a big expense in our business and we had multiple contracts with various suppliers. We needed to get better electricity and gas rates and make savings while retendering the contracts. The challenge was to try to make as many savings as possible. We’d just been rolled over and discovered we could make a big saving when Smarter Business was brought in – without them charging a fee.

Through Smarter Business, we could make a £250,000 saving straight away by switching with them. Subsequently, they have been extremely helpful – anyone would have struggled to achieve these savings without them.

With expertise covering large, multi-site, energy-intensive clients, Smarter Business devised an effective energy strategy to fit in with Supercity’s existing infrastructure and expansion plans. In plotting the best course of action for Supercity, we looked at their operations holistically to best advise them on their energy strategy and took the reins to offer a value-added comprehensive energy service. Offering a seamless customer journey, tailored advice, and support, we were able to negotiate and secure savings through retendering in line with Supercity’s aims in terms of its money-saving strategy.

We also implemented a half-hourly energy meter service, which eliminates the need for manual readings and results in an extremely accurate and up-to-date business energy bill. We now support the group’s rapid expansion plans by provisioning gas and electricity for new Supercity sites.

Contact a Smarter Business consultant for a free energy audit today.