The future of commercial energy is renewable. The solar rooftop system installed at the Port of Hull is an example of solar energy’s bright future.  

Unveiled in November last year, the solar array installed at the Port is the largest solar rooftop system installed in the UK. The landmark project saw 21 000 solar panels installed. The panels cover the port’s warehouse roofs and spanning 34 980 square meters.   

A new direction for green energy 

Fimer and Custom Solar UK collaborated to develop and implement a plan for the array’s construction. The solar rooftop system took two years of planning and a further year of construction.  

The £6.8 million investment produces 6.5MW of energy – more than doubling ABP Humber Ports’ renewable energy generation.  

Fimer chairman Filippo Carzaniga said: 

“This was a ground-breaking project, which is our largest installation of its kind in the country. It demonstrates how powerful solar power can be and, we are proud to have worked closely with Custom Solar and ABP to make this vision a reality.” 

A shrinking carbon footprint 

This project is a practical demonstration of the impact solar energy can have in an industrial setting. The project is predicted to save APB Port 2600 tonnes of CO2 per annum, providing the energy needs of 1450 average UK homes.  

Reducing CAPEX and OPEX through green energy 

The port’s solar rooftop system is not just an act of philanthropy. It makes business sense to go green. For high energy users, green energy can provide substantial business savings. The solar array at the Port of Hull reduces CAPEX due to its high-power density, and cuts OPEX, as it is quick to install, while being easy to configure and maintain. 

Unlocking the potential of solar energy 

49 PVS-100-TL 100 kW inverters and 3 PVS-50-TL 50 kW inverters power the rooftop facility – helping to manage the large-scale requirements, where energy demand fluctuates.  

Smart energy technology is key in unlocking the energy potential of solar energy, helping to ensure the maximum possible energy is harvested, and that supply can be stored to match demand during peak operating hours. Using data and analytics plays a vital role in ensuring that the inverters can provide energy as and when it is needed. 

Solar rooftop systems and you 

Business energy needs are changing, with the goal of becoming carbon neutral increasingly prevalent in commerce and industry. Our team of experts understand that predicting future trends in the energy sector can unlock long-term savings for businesses.  

At Smarter Business, we can help your business reduce its carbon footprint, and provide tailor-made insight into how to structure your energy plan to incorporate green energy such as solar rooftop systems.  

Green energy can save you money 

The demand for sustainable energy is increasing, and green energy options are becoming more attractive options for businesses. Green deals can present savings when compared to your current tariff, so it is worth investigating your options.  

Some green tariffs can offer a completely renewable energy supply, while others will combine a mixture of renewable and non-renewable sources, depending on your energy needs.  

As the green energy industry continues to evolve to changing business needs, it’s worth knowing your options. Smarter Business can get you on track and help you find savings through green energy.    

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