The best business utility rates can be achieved through strategic through energy contract alignment, which is exactly what Smarter Business did to secure £250,000 in savings for the SuperCity Hotel Chain.

SuperCity is a growing chain of luxury serviced hotels in Manchester, London and Brighton, a popular accommodation choice for business travellers. Finding the best business utility rates for all the different SuperCity sites is a complex process. The hotel chain contacted Smarter Business for help in consolidating energy contracts and devising an effective energy strategy to fit in with SuperCity’s expansion plans.

SuperCity’s financial director Ryan Mason is responsible for all SuperCity’s energy contracts: “We have over 150 rooms, as well as kitchens and restaurants, each needing heating, lighting, and refrigeration. Energy is a big expense in our business and we had multiple contracts with various suppliers. We needed to get better electricity and gas rates and make savings while retendering the contracts. The challenge was to try to make as many savings as possible. We’d just been rolled over and discovered we could make a big saving when Smarter Business was brought in – without them charging a fee.”

To find the best business utility rates for SuperCity, we looked at the ‘bigger picture’ of their organisation to offer a comprehensive energy service and advise on their short- and long-term energy strategy.
“They did everything,” Ryan says. “I previously had to do everything myself when tendering an energy contract, but they took the whole thing on and handled all aspects of it. Their communication was brilliant and it was done effortlessly. It was just so easy. As a business, it saved us valuable time.”

How Smarter Business secured the best electricity rates

Smarter Business was able to provide Supercity with the best business electricity rates by negotiating and retendering their energy contracts. Ryan says: “Through Smarter Business, we could make a £250,000 saving straight away by switching with them. Subsequently, they have been extremely helpful – Anyone would have struggled to achieve these savings without them.”

By implementing a half-hourly energy meter service, we ensured that SuperCity no longer need to do manual readings, and now benefit from accurate, up-to-date business energy bills and energy consumption data.

We also consolidated the gas contracts for SuperCity, and placed the business on a 5-year fixed contract, which means that prices are locked in for five years and are unaffected by inevitable price increases.
Now, with a streamlined business energy system suited to their needs, Smarter Business have saved SuperCity both time and money with immediate solutions and long-term energy strategy.

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