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by | Jun 5, 2024

Ensure Accurate Utility Billing and Cost Recovery With Bureau Services  

Energy market volatility and net zero pressures make airtight business energy management a must for modern businesses. Engaging energy experts for bureau services is an integral strategic step to maximise savings and commit to optimised utilities management.   

What are energy bureau services?  

Energy bureau services are a comprehensive range of energy management solutions. These services are aimed at reducing consumption and streamlined management of utilities for businesses. Primarily, this includes bill validation, cost recovery, and the assurance of ongoing billing accuracy.  

For any business, prioritised energy management is a financial and operational imperative. Bureau services are targeted at the following key focal points: 

  • Being charged the correct amount from the point of procurement. 
  • Ensuring that bills are based on accurate consumption.  
  • The accuracy and time-efficiency of data collection and reporting.  
  • The ease of understanding this data.   
  • The value of this data in portfolio management, budgeting and forecasting, and the achievement of sustainable objectives. 
  • Simplified compliance.

The Cost of Overcharging on Commercial Energy Bills 

No business can afford to be overcharged on their energy bills, for example. You could be paying 3-5% more than you are supposed to on your business utility bills, which throws your balance sheet, affects budgeting, and takes time and effort to correct.  

Done in-house, the process of rectifying billing issues is a time-consuming and complex task. This makes bureau services and optimised energy management solutions a must to control essential overheads. Outsourcing these services to professionals is an investment in optimal utility management for efficiency and cost savings. 

Our team looks back on historical billing for the past six years and perform full bill validation services. We handle cost recovery and devise a strategy to ensure accurate billing going forward.  

The Power of Data 

Our energy experts and innovative IoT solutions are a powerful pair for every business. The first step is to secure the most suitable contract at the lowest price for your business through our procurement services. From there, we advise on the best metering solutions – from new installations to upgrades.  

Coupled with our smart meter monitors and energy monitoring software, our solutions unlock saving opportunities and streamline processes around your business utilities. Accurate, reliable data collection and intelligent analysis takes the data from your smart meter to the next level.  

With remote access to a centralised dashboard of your properties, sectors, tenants, and/or equipment, you are given a view into your consumption like never before. Benefits include:  

Accurate billing data 

Pay for what your business actually consumes. With alerts around unusual consumption patterns, you’re empowered to act – and given long-term insights for long-term strategic change. Accurate, timely data reduces the risk of overcharging and removes the administrative burden of rectifying issues.  

Forecasting, budgeting, and reporting 

With on-demand reporting backed up by accurate data, reduce the margin of error around forecasting and budgeting for better planning and control. Customisable reports simplify compliance and stakeholder reporting   

Long-term utilities management 

Understanding consumption is the first step to effecting changes. Accurate, easy-to-understand consumption data helps to highlight areas of potential savings. This data also forms the foundation for realistic benchmarking and minimises the risk of disruption when cutting consumption.  

As businesses strategise around net-zero, environmental and ESG requirements, data has a central role to play in guiding the way forward.   

Sub-metering and tenant rebilling 

Effective data collection has the potential to simplify even complex billing structures in multi-tenanted and multi-site operations. This helps to mitigate billing disputes with tenants and ensures time-effective and accurate invoicing for a premium service to tenants.   

Bureau Services In Action 

At Smarter Business, our happy customers are testament to our success. We identified £34 000 in billing errors for Essex County Laundry. Through bill validation and renegotiated contracts, we managed to save the client over £900 000.   

We also identified £34 000 in billing errors for Hattingley Valley and saved them 20% on their new energy contract.  

Through end-to-end energy management solutions across 94 sites, we managed to save Voltix Services £150 000.  

We handle large, complex portfolios for commercial real estate. Read the CBGA Robson case study to find out more about our solutions.  

£1500 savings through invoice validation and 33% overall savings for Trevose Golf and Country Club 

The Smarter Way to Manage Utilities 

Contact Smarter Business today to find out more about how we can help you.  

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