Changing energy supplier when moving?

Tim Sealy-Fisher, Smarter Business Head of Key Accounts,  gives some advice for changing energy supplier when moving to new business premises.

Tim’s top tips for changing energy supplier when moving

  • Let your energy consultant know long in advance that you’ll be moving to new business premises – the more notice you can provide your consultant about moving properties, the more opportunity we’ll have to negotiate a new contract with suppliers.
  • Have your consultant sense the potential for a contract novation – taking your existing prices and applying them to the new site. Depending on the time of year that you move site, it may be beneficial.
  • Moving premises can provide a good opportunity to switch suppliers and move onto a cheaper deal, so have your consultant conduct a whole-of-market comparison to find the best contract for your business’ needs.

Not sure who your new energy supplier is?

Read this article to help you work out which supplier you’re with when you relocate.

Do you need a new energy meter?

If your business has recently moved to a new site, your new property may not have a business energy meter installed. Alternatively, a previous gas and electricity meter may have been disconnected, or the existing meter could be out-of-date an unreliable.

Smarter Business can help with new meter installations and contract negotiations, giving you one less thing to worry about when you go through the stress of moving business premises.