Business waste and landfills have long been a contentious issue in Britain. As Government strategises around what waste of the future will look like commercially, businesses are well advised to combine compliance with waste strategy for a futureproof approach. Not only will this have an effect on your environmental footprint, clever waste management can also be a potential source of business savings.

Understand your obligations
No matter the size of your business, you have a regulated duty to sort, store, transport, and dispose of waste.

With penalties for non-compliance including fines and prison terms and often a resultant poor public perception, a breach of these duties is an unnecessary and entirely avoidable expense to your business. Even where you employ a waste management company, the duty to comply rests with you. With the regulations aimed at maintaining human and environmental health and safety, there are variations in responsibility when it comes to hazardous, electrical, and animal by-product wastes.

Strategise with the specialists
Finding the right waste management specialist can have myriad benefits for your business. On this front, it is worth working with a reputable, trusted organisation which will help you meet your obligations, but offer a value-added service as well. Across a range of industries and enterprises of varying sizes, look for a provider who offers a tailored approach to your business needs and thoroughly assesses your current and future requirements and can deliver a service across your locations with the desired frequency. Competitive pricing and desirable contract terms should be weighed and offer value for money in terms of the services offered.

Set your own targets for reduction and recycling
Partnering with an environmentally-conscious and strategically-minded provider should also mean strategising around recycling. Coming up with ways to increase your recycling can be 30% cheaper than general waste. Can your business afford to ignore that kind of saving? No matter the kind of waste you generate, waste specialists should be able to provide innovative ways for your business to reduce its landfill content and recycle optimally for savings. Beyond being your own moral imperative, a forward-thinking approach to waste and the environment is an important consideration for your potential and existing customers too.

As part of the suite of services on offer at Smarter Business, you can expect the same premium service levels and dedication when it comes to your waste management. Within the Smarter Business ethos of using real business understanding and relationships to provide solutions, we thrive on discovering smart strategy and savings for smarter business. Contact us today to speak to a waste management specialist.