What will the effect of the Coronavirus be on your business?

What steps could you take to minimise the risk?  

No one is immune to the effects of COVID-19, and in our fourth business bulletin, we explore what part eCommerce can play in business continuity. We also offer a workaround to shutting up shop whilst under lockdown. The tough question our consultants are being asked is: 

How much potential is there to scale up your eCommerce activity and deliver an impact now?

How much business do you currently do through your website?

Whatever level of business you enjoy through your website, events have proven that the benefits of having an additional sales and access point cannot be underestimated and that businesses should be doing much more.

The solution Smarter Business recommends is provided by Diginius; a Google Premier Partner and Microsoft Bing partner. Diginius has an application that is a competitively priced plug in SaaS solution with all the tools businesses need to measure their ROI and make better decisions across multiple channels, including Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Bing and Twitter.

It is an out-of-the-box solution that brings the buying and management in-house without the need for specialist skills or lengthy training. 

Why you need Diginius

The prospecting engine is further underpinned by the VTEX eCommerce solution used by some of the world’s biggest brands, such Sony, Motorola and Walmart, but is fully scalable to support the independent retailer or the business-to-business manufacturer. Big brands paid to build it, but it works for everyone; from the independent retailer to the most specialised B2B manufacturer. 

The power of Diginius

Credentials and Clients

Plan Summary

To learn more about how to plug into the power of Diginius email matthew.margetts@smarterbusiness.co.uk or tyler.trenam@smarterbusiness.co.uk 

We’re in this together

However, your business adapts to COVID-19, Smarter Business will continue to do everything in our power to offer our clients the very best service across the board. Stay safe, stay sensible and do what you can to help the government, and indeed the world, get through this difficult time.