COVID-19. What every business needs to know: Energy

by | Mar 31, 2020

What will the effect of the Coronavirus be on your business?

What steps could you take to minimise the risk?

Our third business bulletin in the series looks at energy consumption. A large swathe of UK businesses, particularly in the retail and hospitality sectors of the economy, have been forced to close. Whilst the financial consequences of this are still unravelling, one of the key questions business owners are asking Smarter Business is:

Now that my operations are shut down or curtailed, can I get a reduction in my bill?

Our first response is: Have you looked at what’s available for your business type on

If you have exhausted this option then talk to Smarter Business about a deferred payment plan. The earlier we know of difficulties or potential difficulties, the earlier we can act to talk to the suppliers and make arrangements to ultimately protect your interests.

For those businesses who are entering their renewal window for either gas or electricity supply, Smarter Business can work its magic to source a better energy contract. We will not only look at the kWh unit rate, but we will evaluate items such as standing charges and usage levels. 

Smarter Business has been helping UK businesses save thousands of pounds for years. Our experienced consultants provide a comprehensive service that is directed at finding the best offer and that suits your needs. Whatever the circumstances Smarter Business can make sure you keep your businesses costs down at this crucial time. 


We’re in this together

However, your business adapts to COVID-19, Smarter Business will continue to do everything in our power to offer our clients the very best service across the board. Stay safe, stay sensible and do what you can to help the government, and indeed the world, get through this difficult time.

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