What will the effect of the Coronavirus be on your business?

What steps could you take to minimise the risk?  

The Coronavirus may have caused an unprecedented run of hand sanitizer sales, but once the immediate threat passes it is likely that they will remain in use, if not remain obligatory, in the workplace. But beyond individual precautions, how do businesses protect all staff and customers when the all-clear comes to go back to work?

In the fifth business bulletin of our COVID-19 series we are looking at how your business can stay healthy when you reopen – how do you ensure your premises are clean?

The business of commercial hygiene has moved beyond the film cliché of an army of Mrs Mops washing floors, with operators embracing technology and dedicated solvents to ensure all parts of a building are thoroughly cleaned and germs obliterated.

The approach Smarter Business recommends is provided by Hygiene and Pest Free Solutions.

Hygiene and Pest Free Solutions

Hygiene & Pest Free Solutions deploy both ultraviolet machines and a disinfectant spray which can reduce the risk of Coronavirus and many other illnesses, such as Norovirus.

The disinfectant is engineered to spread as a ‘mist’, with the disinfectant particles being suspended within the air and dispersing across all areas of the room.

The process is easy to set up and execute, requiring a small exclusion time of 1-2 hours after treatment (depending on the size of the treated area) and the fire sprinkler systems need to be turned off. The application creates no residual effects, so a deep clean is not required once the particles have settled. All associated waste is treated and correctly disposed of to stop further contamination.



The solution is quick, and allows clients to get back to work within two hours.

To learn more, please contact: matthew.margetts@smarterbusiness.co.uk or tyler.trenam@smarterbusiness.co.uk 

We’re in this together

However, your business adapts to COVID-19, Smarter Business will continue to do everything in our power to offer our clients the very best service across the board. Stay safe, stay sensible and do what you can to help the government, and indeed the world, get through this difficult time.