Every modern business relies on computers and digitalisation for their operations. It’s been reported that one in ten businesses in the UK will fall victim to cybercrime. With cyber attacks and data breaches costing global businesses billions, cybercrime is the primary risk facing businesses of all sizes and can be potentially fatal or extremely damaging to your enterprise.

As awareness increases and cyber attacks become more prevalent, businesses are encouraged to take a robust approach to security, data handling, and a managed approach to risk, monitoring, and management. As such, insurance policies covering the damages and liability caused by cybercrime are becoming increasingly popular.

Corporate risk specialists James Hallam have recently partnered with Smarter Business to offer this pivotal cover, as well as a range of business insurance cover. In the industry for more than 30 years, James Hallam uses their extensive expertise to build custom cover for businesses according to their specific circumstances and risk profiles. With a shared dedication to providing meaningful business solutions and savings, this partnership is a valuable one for businesses in Britain.

“In offering this service, we recognise the need to provide 21st-century cover that reflects our customers’ sophisticated business needs,” said Smarter Business CEO, Bradley Wingrave. “It is precisely this culture of innovative, holistic service that stands to meet the demands and challenges faced by business owners in the modern commercial landscape.”

To find out more about cyber insurance powered by James Hallam and Smarter Business – and to custom-build your business insurance portfolio for the best cover and savings – contact Smarter Business today.