Energy for Care Homes

by | Aug 15, 2019

Energy for Care Homes

In the hands of those who care, with bespoke energy for care homes.

At Smarter Business, we know that freeing up cash through savings can make a big difference when it comes to budgeting for the things that matter. In the case of care homes, this can mean an all-important upgrade to infrastructure and an investment in care which improves lives. Your utility bills lie at the heart of these potential savings.

As typically high energy users, the cost of gas and electricity for care homes are taken as a given expense. However, increasing prices of gas and electricity and a competitive industry make shopping the market a key undertaking for all consumers. From obtaining, understanding, and comparing energy for care homes quotes and contracts, taking the time to do the legwork can be easily overlooked when there are more important tasks at hand. By partnering with Smarter Business, you have a team of experts to do the work on your behalf. Our relationships with reputable suppliers positions us to acquire and compare quotes on different contracts to ensure you are getting the best possible tariffs for your utilities.

If your contract is within six months of coming to an end, this is the best time to explore your options. This is also a good time to investigate the renewal amount to compare to your current tariff as this is often higher.

Why Smarter Business for energy for care homes?

With extensive services across energy and gas, Smarter Business is here to help with many different aspects of your utility contracts. Understanding your usage is pivotal to identifying potential savings. From invoice validation to smart metering and data solutions, we will help you implement a management strategy to identify even more areas to save.

Smarter Business has a proven track record when it comes to assisting care homes with their utilities. This has included identifying instances of overcharging and assisting clients to change over to more desirable contract terms which are better suited to their individual circumstances. Within our philosophy of transparency and excellent customer service, our team pride themselves on being approachable and offering expert advice as and when you need it.

Contact us today and your dedicated account manager will talk you through the new age of gas and energy at your care home.

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