Energy for Hotels & BnBs

Focus your energy on your guests and diners, rather than energy supply for your hotel

Ensuring the smooth running of your hospitality business is an inevitably energy-rich undertaking. Behind the scenes, lighting, fridges, water heaters, air-conditioners, and appliances are constantly on the go in every successful hotel, restaurant, B&B, pub, and takeaway. With electricity and gas prices on the rise, your business stands to save money in some simple ways – without affecting the customer experience.

Why Smarter Business for energy for hotels?

At Smarter Business, we understand that catering for the needs of guests and patrons often leads to high energy consumption. This often means energy is unquestioningly overlooked as a necessary expense, but this is often the easiest way to save – and we have the expertise to show you how. If your contract is coming to an end or is set for renewal in the next six months, our account managers are ready to help you search for the best deals. Our relationships with reputable suppliers and industry knowledge means we can quickly obtain quotes and compare tariffs on your behalf, securing the best deals and most appropriate contract terms for your individual needs.

Smart energy usage translates into smart business – and that’s what we’re about. Our services are designed around providing you with the information you need to come up with the most effective management and strategy around your utilities. From checking invoices for discrepancies to smart meter installations and data solution technology, we will give you the information you need to understand, react, and maximise efficiency by identifying discrepancies and areas of potential savings.

We have created a range of bespoke rates and offers for AA and VisitEngland members to ensure they get the best on offer.

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Smarter Business is here to make the process of saving money and doing good business as simple as possible. Contact us today to find out more about our services and how we can tailor an energy strategy for your hotel.

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