We are proud to announce our partnership with James Hallam, one of the UK’s leading independent insurance brokers. The corporate risk specialists at James Hallam are working alongside Smarter Business to provide comprehensive risk management services. In particular, James Hallam brings formidable expertise in the emerging risk of cybercrime.

The move marks an extension of the stable of services we offer and an enriched offering in our holistic approach to achieving savings on behalf of our clients. SME management operates in a demanding context. Business owners will find increasing value in partnering with service providers who deliver on every business’s unique business needs, have the expertise to foresee requirements and innovate to serve their clients’ interests, providing a homogenous level of service across a range of products.

“We are pleased to partner with such a respected brand and one with the same shared commitment to customer service and choice,” said Smarter Business CEO, Bradley Wingrave, “The partnership is underpinned by a shared mission and customer service ethos, with a culture of listening to the client and delivering on their needs.”

“Insurance is not a one-size-fits-all business,” says Graham Whyatt, Group Head of SME at James Hallam. “The approach we take is to talk to the customer to openly assess their requirements and the risks they face and price accordingly.”

Cyber Security Insurance – a new business essential

With businesses of all sizes relying on computers and digitalisation for their operations, the emergence of cybercrime is currently the single greatest threat to businesses. From protecting customer information to critical business resources, breaches to cybersecurity can be costly – and potentially fatal – to SMEs and large corporates alike.

With this in mind, insurance policies covering the damage caused by cybercrime are becoming increasingly popular. This has become a pivotal new offering of the corporate risk insurance specialists at James Hallam, whose recent partnership with energy broker Smarter Business stands to see this cover form a common part of business insurance portfolios.

With a history spanning 30 years in the insurance industry, James Hallam specialises in assessing the needs of their customers and building custom portfolios based on their requirements, risk, and foreseeable changes – and this applies to their cyber insurance offering too.

“Pricing insurance is a specialist business. One needs a thorough understanding of a customer’s business before creating a quote to ensure that all necessary bases are covered,” says group head of SME at James Hallam, Graham Whyatt.

It is the shared ethos on customer service, savings, and the provision of meaningful business solutions that makes the partnership between James Hallam and Smarter Business a valuable one for businesses in Britain.

“In offering this service, we recognise the need to provide 21st-century cover that reflects our customers’ sophisticated business needs,” said Smarter Business CEO, Bradley Wingrave. “It is precisely this culture of innovative, holistic service that stands to meet the demands and challenges faced by business owners in the modern commercial landscape.”

Balancing underwriting and tailored policies for customers, and a track record spanning more than 30 years, James Hallam offers portfolios tailored to the everyday realities faced by sector-specific businesses in Britain. Similarly, Smarter Business operates a whole-of-market consultation process coupled with rigorous customer data analysis when looking to place businesses with the right tariff and strategy for their utilities.

About James Hallam
James Hallam is one of the UK’s leading independent brokers. The company makes it a priority to understand every detail of their clients’ businesses and work in partnership to provide a complete service. https://www.jameshallam.co.uk/