Efficient golf course water management is a top priority for water-intensive golf courses. Golf courses can save a lot of money by both minimising water use, and through smart water resourcing.

Many golf clubs rely on expensive mainswater to irrigate their golf courses. But using this drinking-quality water is a waste of resources and energy, since lower quality water would be sufficient for irrigation services.

So what are the alternatives for golf course water management?

The most common savings opportunities come in the form of alternatives to mainswater. The most suitable option for your golf course’s water will depend on your unique environment and budget.

Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater harvesting involves the collection and storage of water that falls on areas of the golf course where runoff can easily be collected, such as the carpark or golf club buildings. Although setup can be expensive, rainwater harvesting leads to greatly reduced long-term water costs. It also has a more favourable environmental footprint than mainswater, since energy is not being wasted in the treatment of the water.

Water abstraction

Underground water – The abstraction of groundwater involves installing a borehole and pumping system to make use of water stored underground. The use of this method is area-specific, as your course will need to have suitable rock beneath it.

Surface water – Water can also be abstracted directly from water sources above ground, such as lakes and river.

The installation of any water abstraction system needs to follow strict controls and legal requirements to ensure that removal of water from the natural environment will not have a negative impact.

Greywater systems

A greywater system reuses water that has been used for another purpose, but has a low contamination level. This water can be used for irrigation with minimal to no treatment beforehand.

Greywater sources:

  • Showers
  • Sinks
  • Washing machines

For most golf courses, greywater from these sources won’t be sufficient for irrigation purposes. However, it can be used effectively in the clubhouse to flush toilets etc. In larger golf developments, using greywater for irrigation may be a feasible option.

Like most golf course water management systems to move off mainswater, installing a greywater system will require high short-term investment. However, it will result in reduced water costs in the long-term.

Smarter, site-specific solutions for golf course water management

The water management experts at Smarter Business can create a water resourcing solution that caters to your golf course’s specific needs. Working closely with your greenkeepers, managers and other stakeholders, we will ensure that we provide a water management strategy that works for you.

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