All businesses are under pressure to increase their green credentials. As high waste producers, the hospitality industry has both a massive obligation and a significant opportunity to adopt more environmentally-friendly practices that benefit staff, the hotel owners, guests, and the environment.

A survey of 2,725 travellers found that around 80% of tourists say that it matters to them that a hotel has “environmentally sustainable practices”. This means that ‘going green’ is both an environmentally-conscious and financially-savvy decision.

These days, becoming an eco-friendly establishment is about more than asking guests to re-use their towels. The hospitality industry needs to make green initiatives part of their branding strategies and implement new ways of doing things, including improved waste management. When it comes to waste, two of the biggest culprits – and greatest opportunities – include food waste and recyclable waste.

The UK’s food and hospitality sector creates over two million tonnes of waste each year:

  • Hotels: 289,700 tonnes of waste (including 79,000 tonnes of food waste)
  • Pubs: 873,800 tonnes of waste (including 173,000 tonnes of food waste)
  • Restaurants: 915,400 tonnes of waste (including 199,100 tonnes of food waste)

The waste produced by the hospitality sector has both environmental and financial implications. Food waste alone costs the hotel sector £318 million each year (or £4,000 per tonne).

It’s estimated that 43% of all waste in UK hotels is recycled. Recycling waste is one of the easiest and most impactful ways to create a more responsible and sustainable organisation. Developing a good recycling policy is a great place to start on your journey to becoming a greener facility by reducing the amount of landfill waste and cutting the carbon emissions associated with general waste disposal.

The benefits of using a waste manager
A professional waste management company can the hassle out of commercial food waste disposal and recycling so you can concentrate on your business. We work with you to reduce your landfill waste, save money and have a positive environmental impact.

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