Your guide on how to get a new energy meter… Need a new meter for your business premises? Or does you need to upgrade your energy meter due to capacity changes? No matter the size of your business, it is a given that utilising technologies such as new meters gives your business the upper hand when it comes to strategic planning and utilities management.

3 reasons your business needs a new meter installation

  1. Your business has moved to new premises

If your business has recently moved to new premises, you may find that your new property doesn’t have a business energy meter, or that a previous gas and electricity meter has been disconnected. Even if there is an existing meter installed, it could be old, out-of-date, taking inaccurate readings and need to be replaced by a new energy meter.

  1. You need a new energy supply

Perhaps your business didn’t need gas in the past, but you decide that it could be useful to start harnessing this form of energy. Having a new meter installed will help you manage your gas supply and usage.

  1. Your needs have changed

Your business is expanding, along with your energy usage and needs. You may need an increased energy supply, which can be facilitated by a new meter installation.

How to get a new energy meter installed fast

Fill in the form on this page and a meter installation expert from Smarter Business will get back to you to assess your needs and help with a new meter cost and take care of the commercial meter installation process.

It will help to have the following information on hand:

  • Your postcode and address
  • If you have one – your gas Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN)
  • Your electricity Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) from your local network

Business energy meter installation for existing properties

Smarter Business can also provide existing properties with business meter installations:

  • New gas meter
  • New gas supply
  • Gas meter upgrade
  • New smart electricity meter
  • Energy comparison and quotes
  • Holistic energy management services

New commercial energy meter installations made simple

Whether you’re moving premises, expanding, or refurbishing your existing premises, Smarter Business offers commercial metering solutions to meet your business’s individual needs.

Why use Smarter Business meter solutions?

The experts at Smarter Business can complete your new commercial meter installation effortlessly and cost-effectively, and can also provide energy supply contracts. When you partner with Smarter Business to meet the needs of your new meter installation, your dedicated account manager will walk you through the process as a single point of reference from initial enquiry to finalisation. As a result, we will offer comprehensive solutions for your new meter installations and supply connections for energy and gas.

How to get a new energy meter for your business premises through an award-winning energy broker.

Our professional meter installers will install your new meter effortlessly and cost-effectively and will also be able to advise you on the right energy supply contract for your needs.

  • Get a free commercial meter installation.
  • We’ll compare the best suppliers in your area.
  • We’ll ensure that installing meters is a simple process.
  • You’ll get your new business meter fast and without any hassle.
  • Award-winning energy broker Smarter Business will take care of all your new meter installation needs.

Contact Smarter Business today for your no-obligation quote and a hassle-free, end-to-end meter installation, contract management and energy service.