How to Understand Your Energy Bill – Smarter Business

by | Jun 19, 2018

How to understand your energy bill – use this helpful energy bill breakdown:

How to understand your energy bill - Smarter Business

Download the Energy Bill Breakdown PDF.

Energy bills will differ between suppliers, but ultimately they’re all similar and contain the same information.

The type of energy bill you receive each month will depend on

  • Your supplier
  • Your plan – for example, are you on a dual gas and electricity plan?
  • The type of meter you have – most meters are read monthly (non-half hourly), while others (mainly belonging to businesses that consume large amounts of energy) are read half hourly.

If you’re struggling with how to understand your energy bill, this energy bill breakdown may help. The sample energy bill above will help explain your energy bill.

How to understand your energy bill

We know that the energy world can seem confusing for many businesses and households, with all the jargon, different price tariffs and charges, and line items. This guide can give some clarification on how to understand your energy bill. And if you’re still confused, the business energy experts at Smarter Business are here to help – at no additional cost to you!


  1. The name of your electricity plan. This will be the same for electricity and gas if you are on a Dual Plan.
  2. This is your tariff end date if you are on a fixed plan. Again, this would be the same for electricity and gas if you are on a Dual Plan.
  3. Early Exit Fee, if applicable. This is charged separately per fuel source.
  4. Your annual electricity usage in kWh. This will remain an estimate unless you provide consistent meter readings.
  5. The name of your gas plan. This will be the same for electricity if you are on our Dual Plan.
  6. This is your gas tariff end date if you are on a fixed plan.
  7. Early Exit Fee, if applicable. This is charged per fuel source.
  8. Your annual gas consumption measured in kWh. This is estimated unless you send regular meter readings to your supplier.
  9. Your electricity meter number.
  10. Your gas Meter Point Reference Number.

A glossary to help you understand your energy bill

  • VAT is added to your invoice at the appropriate government rate.
  • Calorific value (CV) is a measurement of the amount of energy contained in gas. It depends on the composition of the gas.
  • Standing Charge is the charge for getting the gas to your site.
  • Volume Correction is used to calculate your gas price. It takes the temperature and atmospheric conditions at your site into consideration to gives a more accurate reflection of consumption.

Have you considered a professional invoice validation service?

Avoid energy bill errors and overpayment by validating your energy invoices against your actual energy consumption. Our invoice validation specialists will take the hassle out of invoice validation and help your business save an average of 3% – 5% due to inaccurate bills.

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