Facts about food waste recycling

1 million tonnes

The amount of food wasted in the UK every year.

That’s enough food to fill London’s Shard 10 times!

£2.5 billion

The cost of food waste to the UK’s pubs, restaurants and food service outlets.


Of this waste is completely avoidable.

For every £1 spent on reducing food waste, the average restaurant will save an estimated £7.


Of food waste is a result of poor food preparation.

Here are 5 tips for cutting down on food waste

#1 Savvy stocking, storing and rotating

  • Only buy ingredients you know you will use
  • Place new stock behind old stock so that old stock is used first

#2 Keep fridges and freezers running at the right temperatures

  • Minimise spoilage
  • Prevent bacteria growth

#3 Get organised

  • Label allergens, dates, descriptions
  • Keep a list of stock

#4 Review portion sizes

  • ¼ of people leave food at the end of their meal
  • Chips are a major culprit
  • Make portions smaller to avoid waste

#5 Leverage leftovers

  • Link up with a local charity or food bank to donate leftover food.
  • Get clever about using scraps and excess ingredients.

What the law says

Anyone handling food must be trained in food safety.

Train your staff

  • Storing food
  • Cooking food
  • Keeping the premises clean
  • Avoiding cross-contamination

Food waste is inevitable, which is why food waste recycling should be high on the priority list for all organisations who deal with large quantities of food.


food waste recycling infographic