Being a business owner is stressful, with over half of small business leaders routinely suffering from sleep deprivation. What are the top 5 causes for concern? And what can business owners do about them?


  • 45% of small business owners say that taxes are a major concern.
  • 30% of small business owners say that tax laws have had a negative effect on their business.

What to do about it

  • Enlist professional help – get a good accountant or tax preparer on your side.
  • Be stringent about record-keeping. When in doubt, don’t throw it out!

2. Cash flow

  • 45% of small business owners say that managing their cash flow is a challenge.

What to do about it

  • Keep a close eye on your cash flow – stay on top of your cash flow weekly or even daily.
  • Accelerate payments from customers.
  • Delay your own payables where possible.

3. Technology

  • 32% of entrepreneurs name keeping up with technology as a major challenge.

Keeping up-to-date with the latest technology is an increasingly important part of running a successful business.

What to do about it

  • Outsource your technology strategy to an IT company

4. Staff Shortages

  • 29% are concerned about losing key staff.
  • 25% fear that employees may not be loyal.
  • 24% identify a lack of much-needed skills.

What to do about it

  • Keep your staff happy with career progression, training, benefits and a pleasant working environment.
  • Show appreciation for your employees.
  • Give your staff a clear understanding of what is expected of them and what their long-term objectives are.

5. Work-life balance

  • 26% feel the pressures of managing their social lives.

What to do about it

  • Keep track of your hours to avoid over-working and burnout.
  • Be kind to yourself – accept that you may not get around to absolutely everything in one day.
  • Get comprehensive income protection in case you become unable to work.

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