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by | Feb 27, 2024

Energy Spotlight: MOP DC/DA Contracts 

What Are MOPs and DC/DA and Why Are They Important? 

Effective metering and timely energy data hold extensive potential benefits for businesses. These include billing accuracy, effective energy efficiency strategies, and costs savings. The right MOP DC/DA contracts make half hourly energy data easy to monitor and analyse and consolidates energy management. 

Who should focus on MOP DC/DA? 

Businesses with peak load usage that’s more than 100kW have mandatory obligations around MOP DC/DA. All half hourly supplies.  

What is a MOP contract? 

Meter operator agreements cover the installation, maintenance, management, and operation of meters. 

What is DC/DA? 

DC is data collector and DA is data aggregator. These are required by all half hourly supplies. The DC collects and processes electricity data and communicates this to your DA and energy supplier. The DA validates metered data and ensures it is ready for billing.  

Quick tips on MOP DC/DA 

Many customers forget about their MOP DC/DA contracts – and this can lead to billing issues and challenges when it comes time to switch supplier. Default appointments can also be expensive and removes control. In the case of DC/DA, it’s important to ensure you’re not being double charged for these services. These are some of the elements that create a strong argument for appointing your own MOP DC/DA providers.  

MOPs typically utilise a GSM connection and tricky building locations can require a fixed line.  

Smarter MOP DC/DA: switch to Smarter Business today 

Energy data insights from Smarter Business streamline energy management and support energy strategy objectives. Timely, accurate data is visible using SmarterView, our user-friendly, remotely accessible dashboard. These data insights present a range of opportunities for smarter energy management. 

  • Improved energy efficiency. Understanding consumption is the first step to implementing effective changes to reduce usage. This assists you to meet environmental objectives and comply with ever-changing regulations. 
  • Billing accuracy. The constant collection and time-effective reporting means accurate billing based on actual operational data.  
  • Reduce operational costs. Improved energy efficiency means reduced spend on energy bills. By removing the need for manual monitoring and reporting – and the admin that goes into record-keeping and bill corrections, resources are optimised. 
  • Consolidated energy management. This is especially the case in businesses with complex operations and multi-site locations. Using SmarterView, energy management is centralised and simplified. 
  • Guides the move to renewable energy sources. Understanding consumption ensures your business can make sustainable changes with minimal disruption to operations. 

How to make the smarter switch 

We need the following information to get started:

  • Your site and meter list 
  • A valid Letter of Authority 
  • Any half hourly meter site information. 

Once we are appointed, we will explore the options to secure the most competitive and appropriate solutions. We’ll handle the switching process end to end for the smartest energy management strategies. 

Find out more about our MOP DC/DA solutions and contact us to get started.  

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