Getting rubbish removal quotes for your business need not be a waste of your time. All businesses create some form of waste, with some industries producing more waste by nature. No matter the size of your business and the amount of rubbish it produces, having an effective waste management strategy can take the worry out of your waste.

How to get rubbish removal quotes

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How UK rubbish removal services are changing

Today’s rubbish removal quotes need to be more comprehensive and flexible than in years gone by. With recycling targets and Brexit on the horizon, business waste management now comes with more complex considerations.

Here’s how Brexit may affect waste management in the UK

Like many aspects of UK life, the decision to leave the European Union impacts the waste management and recycling industry.

A positive Brexit spin-off when it comes to waste management is that the UK will no longer be required to follow the EU recycling guidelines. This means that the UK has the freedom to develop new domestic waste and recycling regulations to meet the nation’s specific needs and goals. With more direct control, citizens in the UK will have more scope to negotiate on their rubbish removal quotes, processes and services. More freedom could mean that the UK’s new recycling and waste management guidelines could become stricter or more lenient, compared to the guidelines from the EU.

What are the UK’s recycling rates?

Uk Recycling and Rubbish Removal QuotesThe UK aims to recycle two-thirds of urban waste by 2035, and there is an EU target for the UK to recycle 50% of household waste by 2020.

In 2016:

  • Over 70% of the UK’s packaging waste recycled or recovered (an improvement from 65% in 2015, and exceeds the EU target of 60%)
  • Over 80% of cardboard and paper recycled

Have you set recycling goals for your business? Have you considered including a recycling strategy in your rubbish removal quote? With increasing pressure for all organisations to reduce waste at the source and recycle it more extensively and effectively, having recycling goals and a recycling strategy in place is a worthwhile consideration.

Plastic rubbish removal remains an issue

In July 2017, China told the World Trade Centre what it would be halting the import of textiles, paper and plastic. Since then, the UK has been trying to locate new markets for recycling plastic since it has little capacity in this regard.

Beware of dodgy rubbish removal quotes

When you get rubbish removal quotes and pay for rubbish removal services, the last thing you expect to get is a finde from the government. But this could happen to you if you don’t take measures to ensure that the rubbish removal company you use is reputable and won’t offload your rubbish by fly-tipping. These fines could be as high as £400. Using a reputable business rubbish removal service (like ours) leaves you rest-assured that your rubbish is being disposed of the right way.