Setting up a New Electricity Supply at Your New Premises

by | Jun 6, 2019

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  1. Get a new electricity supply fast
  2. Setting up utility connections in a new build
  3. Moving into new build premises
  4. Your new energy connections FAQ
  5. UK utilities: Connecting to electricity and gas companies in the UK
  6. How to set up gas and electric for the first time
  7. Top tips when setting up energy in a new build
  8. How do I get the quickest new electric connection?
  9. Further information about getting a new electricity supply

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Moving premises or into a new building? Or needing a new electricity supply or a new electricity meter for any other reason?

Read our guide on setting up gas and electricity in a new build and setting up a new electricity connection?

Get a new electricity supply fast

If you’re undergoing a change of tenancy or moving your business to new premises, you’ll want to get connected with a new electricity connection, a new electricity meter and/or a new electricity connection as soon as possible.

The last thing you need is for a delay in your new electricity supply connection to cost you both time and money.

Setting up utility connections in a new build

When you move to new premises it’s worth making sure that due diligence is done when it comes to setting up your energy infrastructure and contracts. To make your move as smooth as possible, we’ve created a helpful guide on setting up gas and electricity in a new build or when you move business premises.

Who is involved in setting up the new electric connection?

  • DNO – the installation of power service cable to your property.
  • Electricity supplier – you will need to contact your electricity supplier or an energy broker like Smarter Business about your new electricity meter connection.
  • Qualified electrician – you will need to contact a suitably qualified electrician to connect your new supply.

How do I get a new electric connection?

Step 1: Contact your distribution network operators (DNO).
Step 2: Provide details of your requirements, and your DNO will give you a quote for the work.

How much will it cost to install a new electricity supply?

You’ll need to pay the DNO for the cost of the work in advance.

The cost will depend on a number factors including

  • where you’re located
  • the amount of electricity you will need.

The DNO will calculate the cost of the work using its connection charging methodology, which should be published on its website. We approve this methodology, but we don’t approve the individual charges it works out.

The price quoted by the DNO will cover:

  • the cost of assets solely for your use
  • a proportion of the cost of reinforcing the network( if needed)

How do I get a new electricity meter fitted?

If you are getting a new electric meter installation, you will need to a Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) before you call your electricity supplier or broker.

This is a 13 digit number supplied by your DNO when they receive payment for your quote.

Moving into new build premises

If you are moving into a newly-built property, the building may not have been connected to gas and electricity supply yet.

There is often a charge levied for being connected, so it’s good to be aware of how much this will be as well as how long it will take you to get up and running.

How to connect electricity to a new build

Our advice when setting up gas and electricity in a new build is to contact an energy broker so that they can do the hard work for you. Energy brokers Smarter Business can help you get connected to your business gas and electricity supply as well as help you get on the right energy tariff from day one.

You don’t even need to wait until you move into your new premises before opening a new contract; this can be done beforehand. All you’d need is a signed tenancy agreement and proof that your business exists (such as a website). Again, this is something that Smarter Business can facilitate on your behalf.

Your new energy connections FAQ

What is a DNO?

The companies that own and operate the infrastructure that delivers electricity to your business premises are called distribution network operators (DNOs).

Unlike your energy supplier, most DNOs are regional monopolies, which means that you don’t choose your DNO; it’s based on your location. Parts of the network are also owned by independent distribution network operators (IDNOs) also own parts of the network.

What happens if I move without signing a new energy contract?

If your business moves into a new property without signing a new energy contract, you will pay for expensive deemed rates (if the property has an existing gas and electricity supplier). To prevent this from happening, it’s best to find and start a new energy contract before the move-in date.

What happens to your energy when I move out?

When you move out of your existing premises, your current energy contract will cease from the date that you move. This is because business energy contracts are linked to the building’s supply point and won’t transfer over to your new address.

Will my energy cost more at my new premises?

The cost of your new energy deal will depend on your meter size, supplier and energy consumption.

How much does it cost to connect electricity to a property?

The cost of putting new electricity on a property will vary depending on a number of factors:

  • Where you live
  • Your specific circumstances
  • The distance from the nearest power pole
  • Whether or not a new transformer needs to be installed
  • How the power will reach your house
  • Your electricity company’s policies
  • The cost of wires, poles and trench digging

The average price of a new electric connection is £1619.

I’d like to continue with my current supplier

If you’d like to continue with your current supplier at your new premises, you’ll need to let them know the date that your lease/ownership starts as well as your new address. Be sure to confirm or negotiate the contract terms that will apply to your new premises.

What if I’m moving to existing premises?

If you’re moving to premises that were previously occupied (rather than a new build), take note of whether or not the premises have been disconnected from gas and electricity supply. If the previous tenant was in debt to their supplier, you may be asked to pay a deposit and a reconnection fee.

UK utilities: Connecting to electricity and gas companies in the UK

The good news about setting up a new gas and electricity supply is that the actual connection process is relatively straightforward. The complexity comes in when you have to compare quotes to find the best deal from the best supplier.

Gas and electricity companies in the UK

The privatised UK energy market means that there are a relatively high number of energy providers (about 60) and a lot of energy deals to choose from.

Compare energy suppliers.

Smarter Business will get you a quote in minutes and help you start saving.

Find our list of business energy suppliers here. 

How to set up gas and electric for the first time

  1. Find out who supplies your energy
  2. Find the gas and electricity meters
  3. Take a meter reading
  4. Find the fuse box and trip switch
  5. Find your meter number

Top tips when setting up energy in a new build

  • Give your existing energy provider at least a month’s notice of your planned moving date.
  • Take a meter reading of both your old and new premises when you move.
  • If you’re moving into a new build, you can expect to pay a connection charge. You’ll also need to choose a provider ahead of time to avoid any delays.
  • Be aware of early termination fees – if you move into your new premises before the energy contract at your current premises expires, you could be levied with an early termination fee.

How do I get the quickest new electric connection?

Three steps to getting your new energy connections

At Smarter Business, we know that you have plenty to think about when moving into a new build or new premises. We’re here to take energy connections off your hands and help make your move as seamless as possible.

Here’s how it works in three steps:

  1. Get in touch with us with your company and energy details.
  2. Our energy experts will conduct a whole-of-market comparison to find you the best deal.
  3. We’ll oversee the entire process of getting your connection and contract in place, keeping you informed at every stage.

We can take care of all your new utilities connections

Smarter Business can help you with a full suite of utilities connections and other business services.

Take a look at some of our other services:

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Further information about getting a new electricity supply

How to find out who your DNO is

Call the Energy Networks Association on 020 7706 5100 or go to: Electricity Distribution Map.

For a list of IDNOs, go to: Independent Distribution Network Operators.

Use the image below to identify your DNO by region:

DNO list UK

Not happy with your DNO service?

You can contact Ombudsman Services: Energy on 0330 440 1624, or from their website: Ombudsman.

You can also refer a dispute you are having with your DNO to Ofgem: Determinations Guidance Aug 2012

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