Smarter Business has been awarded TGP’s Platinum Accreditation, recognising our industry-leading level of quality and compliance performance.

The Smarter Business Group have been awarded Total Gas & Power’s (TGP’s) Platinum Accredited Quality Compliance Badge in recognition for meeting TGP’s Compliance target for Energy Sales for a year. This accolade affirms that we sell in an ethical and compliant way.

Over the last year, our sales have been regularly and rigorously reviewed by TGP and their compliance team. They have recognised our consistently high standards and awarded us the TGP Platinum Accreditation Badge.

The UK business energy market is dominated by energy brokers, and TGP has spent a lot of time developing relationships and working with these brokers to ensure they are offering the best level of service to customers. Through their broker monitoring program, TGP identifies any failings and take strong action, and also recognise brokers that are achieving high levels of performance against their high quality and compliance standards. The targets are set at a demanding level, which means a broker needs to show a real ongoing commitment to compliance excellence to meet them.

Accreditation is not a guarantee of perfection, but more a reflection that the broker has been able to maintain an industry-leading level of quality and compliance performance over a given period of time.

When a broker achieves the required standard for the periods of time required, they will achieve the following accreditation levels:

  • Platinum – 1 continuous year – Achieved by Smarter Business in January 2018
  • Gold – 9 continuous months – Achieved by Smarter Business in October 2017
  • Silver – 6 continuous months – Achieved by Smarter Business in July 2017
  • Bronze – 3 continuous months – Achieved by Smarter Business in April 2017

This program officially commenced on 1 January 2017. The Smarter Business Group was the first broker to achieve TGP Platinum Accreditation.

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