In our latest move in offering a holistic suite of business services, Smarter Business have partnered with Business Stream, one of the largest and most experienced water retailers in the UK. The partnership will enable business customers to benefit from innovative, multi-utility deals that will help them take control of their entire utility spend.

SMEs are under increasing pressure to save both time and money; as a result, business owners are finding value in partnering with service providers that can help ease the burden. With this new partnership in place, we can now offer water and wastewater along with our other business services, giving our customers a single point of contact for all utility management.

This new partnership provides a number of benefits to SMEs:

  • A single point of contact for all utility purchasing and management, helping to streamline operations and save time.
  • Dedicated account management service provided by Smarter Business.
  • Expert whole-of-market comparisons to secure the best utility deals.
  • Access to a range of other business services, including gas and electricity, merchant services and waste management.

About Business Stream

Business Stream is one of the largest water retailers in the UK and a trusted supplier to over 200,000 forward-thinking businesses, including Cancer Research UK, Network Rail, Lloyds Banking Group, Morrisons and thousands of SMEs. The award-winning retailer provides a range of services to businesses including billing, water efficiency support and water and wastewater management solutions, all designed to help its customers save time and money.

To date, Business Stream has helped its customers save more than £242 million on their water bills. And, as passionate advocates of water efficiency, it’s worked hard to help its customers conserve over 38 billion litres of water, delivering £74 million in water efficiency savings and over £9 million in energy efficiency savings.

To find out more, please visit: Business Stream