Smarter Business has announced a new partnership with The PGA, taking the success of Smarter Golf Energy (SGE) to greater heights by offering a more comprehensive suite of business-essential services.

SGE was founded in 2018 with the aim of providing both PGA members and their clubs with improved service and lower tariffs on energy and water. Smarter Business has since decided to improve upon that relationship by bringing the rest of their services, such as waste management, to the side of the green.

Helen Grove, Commercial Director – Smarter Business, said: “The goal for SGE was to provide uncomplicated, honest advice to the golf industry, and to use the relationships with our suppliers to ensure the best value for PGA Members and the locations within which they work.

“However, in looking to the future of this partnership, we wanted to elevate our input, allowing PGA Members to access the full range of our services, rather than just energy and water.

“We felt we could provide far more benefits in this industry, and we are eager to start supplying our world-class service across the board to PGA Members.”

Horsham Golf Club in West Sussex reaped the fantastic benefits on offer for PGA Members and golf facilities through Smarter Business. Smarter Business reviewed and audited Horsham’s existing energy contracts and managed to secure a significant 20% in savings on their current energy bills; allowing them to look for scope to invest that money elsewhere.

Neil Burke, Golf Club Operator at Horsham, commented: “As responsible businesses, we want our golf clubs to use energy efficiently and reducing the use of energy also reduces cost.

“Smarter Business offered a comprehensive service and, as experts in our industry, I was confident we were in good hands. Now we are working with them on a comprehensive audit and hope that, once it’s completed, we will have a detailed review of our energy use allowing us to save even more money.”

As of the UK’s leading Third-Party Intermediaries and a Crown Procurement Supplier, Smarter Business’ award-winning team has helped more than 40,000 satisfied customers achieve savings in energy, water and waste.

Liam Greasley, PGA Executive Director – Commercial, added: “We are delighted to relaunch this exciting new partnership with Smarter Business.

“Smarter Business share our ambition to improve the professional and personal lives of our Members. This partnership will allow our Members to potentially save money and improve their facility’s efficiency as we’ve seen at clubs like Horsham. We very much look forward to working with Helen Grove and her experience team.”

With Smarter Business as an official PGA Partner, members can now look forward to potentially achieving further savings in energy, water and waste. As one of the UK’s leading Third-Party Intermediaries and a Crown Procurement Supplier, Smarter Business brings an incredible wealth of experience, a team with award-winning service and more than forty thousand satisfied customers to the table.