Smarter Utilities Management for ESG

by | Jun 29, 2024

It’s Time To Get Started Or Get Smarter About ESG 

Environmental, social, governance (ESG) is a powerful, growing global trend. In the context of climate change and the race to net zero, ESG is set to become the new normal. There has been an uptake of investment for ESG-focused businesses – and the upward trend is anticipated to continue. With practical benefits for businesses, this is a priority that addresses both shifting regulation and performance. 

Why is ESG important to business strategy? 

Compliance. There is currently no mandatory ESG reporting requirements for SMEs. Large companies have some compulsory reporting on ESG matters. Prepare for changing legislation around ESG objectives and effectively benchmark around these pillars for overall compliance benefits. 

Risk Management. An EY survey showed that 54% of participants include ESG in their risk inventory management – and reported that ESG risk management has become compulsory for businesses. From climate resilience to flexibility in a challenging business landscape, an ESG strategy mitigates and manages risk in various ways. 

Resource Preservation. Cutting consumption, preventing waste, and ensuring continuity with reduced resources is a challenge for every business. The environmental pillar of ESG focuses on the achievement of this aim.  

Costs Savings. There is myriad potential cost benefits through ESG. This includes improved efficiencies, the identification of opportunities, increased investment, and streamlined and strengthened operations. 

Increased Investor Appeal. According to Morgan Stanley, sustainable investing is on the rise. More than 70% of investors believe strong ESG leads to higher returns. The only barrier to entry for those surveyed was the transparency of ESG data and greenwashing.  

Boost Operational Efficiency. All ESG pillars touch on boosting performance and efficiency of processes, teams, and leadership. This has benefits for your bottom line.  

A Better Place To Work. It’s not only potential investors and customers who have earmarked ESG values as important. The staff of ESG businesses have an important role to play in the process, with improved health, safety, and wellness as components of an ESG approach. 

The Smartest Approach To ESG 

Energy and water consumption has an important role to play in the environmental pillar of ESG. At Smarter Business, our expert utilities solutions and bureau services are geared towards supporting ESG. We are by your side to set attainable goals to cut consumption, effectively monitor changes, and simplify reporting for all stakeholders. The following smart energy management services are the smartest, simplest way to get started. 

Smart utilities monitoring 

Understanding consumption is critical to effecting meaningful changes. Innovative metering and intelligent, data analytics platforms provide accurate, remotely accessible data on a user-friendly dashboard. This provides powerful insights on your most important metrics, with tripwires and alerts for control of even complex, multi-site operations. 

If you are making the move to renewable energy sources, renewable energy generation and offsets are visible on the dashboard in real time. 

Consumption cutting opportunities 

These data insights provide visibility of whole-operations consumption or individual assets. Whether you want to view half-hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or historical reports, the choice is yours. This data highlights instant easy gains. It also inspires long-term strategy – with benchmarking and forecasting  based on actual consumption data.  

Easy, advanced reporting 

Our software platforms remove the administrative burden attached to reporting. Get on-demand reporting around the metrics of your choice and ensure full transparency through accurate data reporting.  

Other advantages 

  • Reduced manual processes and automation 
  • Invoice validation services, with the potential to save 3-5%  
  • Precise planning and strategic decision-making. This reduces the risk of disruption as changes are implemented and works towards creating more sustainable, high-performance supply chains. 
  • Simplified submetering and tenant rebilling.  
  • Maintenance scheduling around actual run times to ensure optimal machine efficiency and succession plans.  

Work with Smarter Business for ESG-focused energy and water 

Contact Smarter Business to find out more about our ESG-related solutions for businesses of all sizes. 

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