The much-anticipated 2019 TELCA Awards were presented at the Institute of Engineering and Technology followed by an after party and river cruise on the Silver Sturgeon. With the award holding a place of prestige within the energy industry, this black-tie occasion sought to reward key players in the industry for excellence in their respective fields. Amidst strong competition, Smarter Business Group was made a finalist at this year’s Most Trusted Consultancy (SME) Award.

This year, the judges were looking for the energy consultancy who offers industry-leading standards of transparency, compliance, and accountability to their clients, and Smarter Business was found to be a leader in this regard. Underpinned by an ethos of integrity, we strive to secure the best-value deals at the best price for our customers. Our unwavering compliance standards, open customer service attitude, and robust conflict resolution systems have resulted in our high standing amongst suppliers and our exceptional client retention rate. Within the realm of an ever-growing number of SME customers, our model of pragmatism and transparency has earned the recognition of this year’s discerning judges at the Telcas.

As energy is an unavoidable business expense and with few SME business owners having the time and resources to sufficiently research, understand, and shop the market, this is a significant award for an ever-evolving industry. With a dedication to industry-wide standards of transparency and compliance, Smarter Business is proud to be recognised as a 2019 Most Trusted Consultancy and we will continue to innovate to maintain our standards of excellence.

We’d like to extend our congratulation to the overall winners, Indigo Swan.