It makes sense for small businesses to reduce overheads by finding the cheapest business electricity supplier. Why pay extra for the same product when you can look for the best business electricity rates?

Switch and save 

How long has your business been with the same electricity supplier? The truth is that if you’re not shopping around, you could be missing out on significant savings. 

Most energy contracts last for one to three years. Towards the end of your contract, you’ll have a period in which you can switch to a new supplier or renegotiate your contract terms with your existing supplier. This is the best way to find the cheapest electricity supplier for your small business. 

If you stay with your current energy provider, they will automatically move you on to a new (and usually more expensive) tariff when your contract ends. 

Beyond the ‘big six’

Most businesses are aware of the ‘big six’ energy suppliers –  British Gas, EDF Energy, E.ON, Npower, Scottish Power, and SSE. But often, it’s the smaller suppliers who offer the cheapest business energy contracts for small businesses. You could potentially reduce your monthly bill by looking beyond the big six when choosing your new energy supplier. More and more small businesses have decided to switch to a better tariff – even if it’s a company they don’t know. 

So, who are the cheapest electricity suppliers in November 2019?

Taking a look at some recent quotes we’ve done for small businesses based in London, here are some of the cheapest rates we could get in the current energy market:


NotesContract Length (months)Unit rate p/kWhStanding charge p/day

Dual Energy

12 Day: 14.4800

Night: 10.3600

Dual Energy24Day: 14.9300

Night: 10.7200


EDF Energy

No Credit Score DD12Day: 15.6000

Night: 11.3300

EDF EnergyNo Credit Score DD12Day: 16.1000

Night: 11.8200


EDF Energy

British GasDD1213.4900


Corona Energy



12Day: 13.9360

Night: 9.4790


YGP12Day: 14.6100

Night: 12.0100


Engie12Day: 15.0359

Night: 10.1451


As you can see, comparing energy quotes to find the cheapest deal isn’t as straightforward as one may think. Unit prices change depending on factors such as location, contract length, payment terms and energy consumption habits. On top of this, there’s also the standing charge which needs to be factored in. 

That’s why savvy small businesses choose to use the services of an energy consultant. An expert energy consultant will compare the market, taking all factors into account, to come up with the cheapest electricity contract for your business’ unique needs. 

Speak to a Smarter Business consultant to find the cheapest electricity contract for your business. Best of all, their services won’t cost you a cent!