The Top 10 Benefits of a Business Energy Audit

by | Oct 29, 2018

Using energy audits to keep your business compliant, energy-efficient and cost-effective… 

A business energy audit can help your business identify potential energy efficiencies, ensure compliance and become more cost-effective.

In an age of focused corporate responsibility, climate change, and environmental awareness, energy usage combines legal and moral responsibility with policies which undeniably give businesses and corporates the competitive edge. From implementing energy best practices to creating a far-reaching corporate culture based on responsible business, every enterprise benefits from comprehensive energy management solutions, and no organisation is too big or too small to benefit from a business energy audit.

What is a business energy audit?

A business energy audit is an in-depth report which exemplifies energy saving areas within the organisation. The main aim of an energy audit is to highlight potential changes that will reduce energy consumption.

A commercial energy audit can assist your business in the reduction of both energy costs and consumption.

A business energy audit includes:

  • Business gas and electricity tariff reviews
  • Water tariff review
  • Business consumption analysis and recommendations
  • Expert energy management advice
  • Energy contract management

Here are the top 10 benefits of a business energy audit

1. Avoid EU energy efficiency fines

Over 45,000 large companies in the UK could face major fines if they fail to consult an energy audit and comply with the relevant reporting rules.

The recent mandatory Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a comprehensive review and assessment of the energy consumption of UK businesses.

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2. Identify cost saving opportunities in energy efficiency

An improvement in energy efficiency within your organisation can potentially bring significant business benefits.

As a result of the business energy audit process, you’ll be able to identify where energy is possibly going to waste, put a plan of action in place, and work towards consistently reducing monthly expenditure.

3. Improve on carbon emissions

The energy we use has not only a monetary cost, but also an environmental one. Since many of our electricity plants are still powered by coal, large volumes of carbon emissions are pumped out into the atmosphere.

4. Claim back on historic bills

Rigorous bill validation should be conducted as part of your energy audit, as well as on an ongoing basis. Conducting a thorough, historical utility bill audit (going back as far as six years) will enable businesses to claim back from suppliers any amount they are due.

5. Get compliant

By conducting an audit and reporting on your Display Energy Certificate (DECs), Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), carbon reduction commitments, greenhouse gas emissions, ESOS implementation, commercial and non-domestic EPCs, you’ll be able to ensure your organisation’s transparency and ongoing compliance.

6. Support commercial decisions

Having a better understanding of how your business uses energy can help inform and support board-level and operations decision-making. Having accurate data and analysis on which to base business decisions means that you’re more likely to make better ones.

7. Get a reputation for sustainability

By taking measures to reduce energy consumption, you’ll effectively ‘green’ your business and become more competitive in the market as a result.

In a global CSR survey, 84% of consumers said they sought out responsible products whenever possible.

8. Take advantage of grants and rebates

Your energy auditor may be able to advise you on grants and rebates that can help you save even more money and become a better business.

For example, the Carbon Trust offers up to £10,000 to small and medium-sized business to help them buy energy-saving equipment. You may also be able to achieve exemption or discounts on the Climate Change Levy.

9. Lower your exposure to energy price hikes

Reducing your energy consumption lowers your organisation’s exposure to energy price hikes in the current (and future) variable energy market, lowering the long-term risk your business faces in the process.

10. Drive down energy costs

Did you know? An energy professional may be able to bring your energy costs down by 25% or more after conducting an energy audit.

Energy efficiency benefits all businesses as it removes unnecessary costs. By understanding where you are in your business’ energy efficiency journey, you can come up with a strategy for becoming a more energy-efficient and cost-effective business.

How to get a business energy audit

At Smarter Business, we are here to help you meet your legislative carbon compliance requirements – no matter the size of your organisation. By conducting audits and reporting on your DECs, EPCs, carbon reduction commitments, greenhouse gas emissions, ESOS implementation, commercial and non-domestic EPCs, you ensure your organisation’s transparency and on-going compliance on a daily basis within your operations.

The expert team of certified energy auditors at Smarter Business will conduct a full energy audit of your business premises across your different sites. After the audit has been conducted, we’ll advise you on what steps you need to take to promote energy savings.

By partnering with Smarter Business, you have instant access to a team who can offer your business a comprehensive energy service – offering not only a full utilities review, but ongoing energy management services.

Simply get in touch for more information.

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