Operations are well underway at the UK’s first municipal waste gasification plant. This facility is able to produce clean heat, electricity, hydrogen and liquid fuels – all from the waste at the dump.

The Kew Technology and the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) claims the plant could provide heat and power to small towns, hospitals and factories. The company invested £5 million into the project, the investment SynTech Bioenergy (based in Denver, USA).

Once fully operational, the plant will produce enough electrical power to supply 2,500 homes.

Alridge MP Wendy Morton said: “My visit to Kew Technology was a great opportunity to learn more about how the company are promoting higher efficiencies of waste energy. Clearly the innovative processes being used by Kew Technology will have a major impact both local in Aldridge and nationally. As climate change continues to be a top priority for the government in seeking to hit our 2050 climate goals, it is good to know that companies from our local area are at the cutting edge of helping us meet our climate challenge.”

Paul Winstanley, project manager, said: “It’s a great project using technology that has so many opportunities for future community energy solutions that can be scaled to meet the drive for green fuels or chemicals. Over the next five years, it will be important for Kew Technology to find the most effective focus area to maximise the potential of waste gasification.”

 municipal waste gasification plant