What are the Steps in Getting a Business Gas Online Quote?

by | Nov 5, 2021

Changing from one business gas supplier to another is not as simple as changing your household energy supplier. You’ll have to approach different suppliers individually to get their business gas online quotes and compare prices to find the most cost-effective option. Listed below are the steps you should follow when getting business gas quotes online.

what is a business gas online quote

1. Approach different gas suppliers

The first step to getting a business gas quote online is to search for the websites or contact information of various energy providers in the UK. Looking it up on a comparison website with generalised information might work, but we advise you to contact different business gas suppliers directly anyway.

Luckily, most business gas suppliers nowadays have a website in which they offer a channel for providing business gas quotes online, or via phone call, email, etc.

It’s highly recommended to individually get in touch with every supplier because they assess every business independently. Energy suppliers factor in different things when calculating a quote, such as your business’ location, your gas consumption trends, the credit history of your company, and other aspects of your business. Every quote is unique, and every gas quote is different from one business to another.

Although this can certainly be a tedious process (especially when getting quotes from many different suppliers), doing it is well worth it and can be quite useful in the long run. Getting a business gas quote that was specially tailored to your business will mean that you will be able to acquire a deal that is perfect for your consumption, as well as the other specific needs that your company might have.

2. Compare business gas quotes from different suppliers

Once you have obtained business gas quotes from a good number of suppliers, the next step is to compare them with one another. Aside from business gas prices in the UK, there are a variety of things that you have to check when comparing the quotes you’ve acquired.

Are they offering a fixed rate plan or a flexible rate plan? If you want to avoid fluctuations in your business gas bill, we recommend you choose a fixed rate plan. This is because the energy market is really volatile, and with a flexible rate plan, prices often increase or decrease on a monthly basis.

Other factors related to cost include any hidden fees both on the enrolment and termination of service.

The best business gas supplier will not charge any fees without your prior knowledge. Working with an energy consulting company can help you in explaining the fees charged to you by a business gas supplier.

3. Check your business gas meter

When switching to a new business gas provider, be sure to check your existing business gas meter if you already have one installed. This is to make sure that there are no issues with your current meter. Additionally, some business gas providers require their new customers to check their meters.

when to get business gas online quoteA gas meter can be installed internally or externally, depending on factors like the layout of your premises, as well as its adjacency to the main gas line. In case that the gas line does not go through the building where your business is located, the meter will be installed externally. The gas meter provider should provide a shelter protecting the meter from the elements in this case.

Another way of getting business gas quotes online is by working with an energy consulting firm. If you are in the UK, be sure to check out the services that we offer here at Smarter Business.

We offer energy consultancy for UK businesses, from business gas, business electricity, business waste, etc. Throughout our years of operation, we have helped over 40,000 businesses in the UK save more on their utility bills.

We have a total number of 27 partnered energy suppliers to compare quotes from, giving our customers plenty of choices when choosing a business gas supplier. To find out the full range of the services we offer, visit the Services section on this website.

By working with us, you won’t have to contact different business gas suppliers on your own since we do that for you. We will also conduct the comparisons, helping you choose a business gas supplier that provides the quote that is best suited for your company’s needs.

Interested? Get in touch with us via telephone at 01444 220060 or via email at info@smarterbusiness.co.uk. Alternatively, you can also send your concerns and enquiries using the contact form on https://smarterbusiness.co.uk/contact-us/.

Determinants of Gas Prices

Corporate gas online prices are partly determined by the prices of oil. However, several other factors greatly impact the average retail price of gas, including things like supply and demand, taxes, and inflation.

Supply and demand are probably the biggest factors that regulate gas prices, and these are constantly fluctuating. Supply can be influenced significantly by the availability of alternative energy sources, while demand can be affected by changes in economic conditions.

Factors Affecting Natural Gas Prices

The business gas online rate of natural gas changes depending on the supply and demand of the market. In most cases, the prices themselves balance out the supply and demand of natural gas. However, other factors can affect the prices of natural gas apart from these.

One notable factor is the weather – the colder the temperature gets, the higher the demand for heating. On the other hand, colder weather temperature increases the demand for cooling. Both situations increase natural gas demand by electric power plants.

Other things that affect business gas online quotes are economic conditions and the prices of petroleum.

Quick and Easy Tips for Lowering Natural Gas Use

Businesses and organisations can save more money on heating by carrying out proper maintenance procedures. Many strategies such as retrofitting or upgrading equipment, optimising operating conditions, and adjusting settings for low-demand situations are some procedures you can choose to take.

Facilities that use large amounts of natural gas for process heating can improve their consumption and energy efficiency by regularly cleaning the deposits of sludge, scale, and soot on the flue-side heat transfer surfaces.

Businesses should also aim to reduce the excess air they use for combustion. Implementing an effective steam trap maintenance program would also greatly help.

Role of Natural Gas in Energy Transition

how to get a business gas online quoteIn the past 10 years, the gas industry has made a case for how critical a factor natural gas is, especially as a bridge fuel in the ongoing energy transition. This is because it can displace more polluting coal and oil in the UK energy system.

Examples of the environmental benefits of using gas as a transitional fuel are the recent policy-driven coal-to-gas switching in China and the wholesale displacement of coal-fired generation by combining gas and renewables in the UK and the US.

By globally switching to gas from coal, the International Energy Agency estimated that more than 500 million tons of CO2 emissions had been avoided.

If you’re looking to make your business slightly more environmentally friendly, or if you just want to save more on utility costs, Smarter Business will be more than happy to help. Get in touch with our energy consultants today!


Is business gas cheaper than domestic?

Business gas is generally cheaper than domestic gas, though this depends on the size of the business and how much gas it uses every day. Compared to domestic customers, business customers pay higher VAT on their gas consumption. It’s also worth noting that business gas rates and domestic gas rates are calculated differently.

How do I change my gas supplier?

You must first understand who your supplier is, including what tariff you’re currently on. You should then compare corporate gas quotations online and select the best available tariff for your business, then check all of the details on your account balance. It should take about three weeks to properly switch suppliers.

How much is business gas per kWh?

For small or micro businesses, the average business gas price UK-wide is 3.82 p per kWh. For medium-sized businesses, the average rate is 2.11 p per kWh. For large businesses, the costs can reach 1.81p per kWh, while for much larger businesses, it’s about 1.79 p per kWh. Overall, the average rate for business gas is 2.40 p per kWh.

What are the advantages of gas energy?

Natural gas is cleaner than other fossil fuels, meaning it’s marginally better for the environment. Natural gas is also much safer and easier to store compared to other fuel options. Unlike electric power, which can go out during a storm, using natural gas would be more reliable. Finally, natural gas is also more affordable compared to most other energy sources.

Who supplies gas to the UK?

The gas supply in the UK comes from many different sources. According to 2020 data, the primary gas supply was on home turf, providing 438,520 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of energy. Norway and Qatar are the second and third biggest sources, providing 266,155 GWh and 96,904 GWh, respectively.

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