When it comes to business energy, dual fuel energy deals can help you save on gas and electricity.

So, what is a dual fuel tariff?

Q. What is a dual fuel tariff?

A. You get a dual fuel tariff on your energy bill when you use the same supplier for gas as you do for electricity.

Now that you know what a dual fuel tariff is, you can decide: is a dual fuel tariff right for your business energy? And how do you get the best dual fuel tariffs?

Read on to find out…

What is the dual fuel tariff on your energy bill?

When you get both gas and electricity from the same energy provider, you’ll get a dual fuel tariff on your energy bill.

What makes a dual fuel tariff different?

What is a dual fuel tariff and what makes it different? Simply the fact that you buy your gas and electricity from the same supplier means that you have a dual tariff – that’s it! Sometimes, your business can save on energy costs by combining gas and electricity with a dual fuel energy deal.

Is it cheaper to use a dual fuel deal?

Some energy providers will offer discounts if you get a dual fuel tariff with them. This discount could come as:

  • Cash back on your bill
  • A percentage off your energy bill
  • A cheaper unit rate per kWh on your gas and electricity
  • A lower standing charge

Although some energy providers offer discounts for using both their gas and electricity services, the saving doesn’t always mean that its the cheapest way of buying energy. Business energy tariffs change all the time from different suppliers, which means that it’s worth shopping around to get find the cheapest energy prices – whether these would be dual fuel deals or otherwise.

Remember – a supplier may nor advertise dual fuel discounts specifically, which may mean that you need to make a few enquiries to find out available discounts.

Reasons to switch to a dual fuel package

  • Convenience – using a dual fuel energy tariff streamlines your energy management as you’ll only have one energy bill and one point of contact. This makes it easier to pay for your energy, manage bills and contracts and contact your supplier.
  • Save money – using a dual fuel tariff from your provider may qualify you for better energy deals. Some suppliers will offer you a discount if you sign up for a dual fuel tariff.
  • Less admin, more flexibility – if you move premises, switch bank accounts, or move to another supplier, you’ll only have one account to change.

What is a dual fuel tariff alternative?

If you shop around and find that it makes more financial sense, you can choose to use different suppliers for gas and electricity as an alternative to a dual fuel tariff.

How to switch to a dual fuel tariff and get the best dual fuel deal

To switch to a dual fuel tariff, start by getting energy quotes from a number of different suppliers, both with dual fuel tariffs and standalone gas and electricity prices.

This may sound like a lot of work, but the good news is that the expert energy brokers at Smarter Business can do the hard work for you. All we’ll need is your current energy bill and a few other details. We’ll then shop the market on your behalf and help you switch and save.

How to compare dual fuel tariffs

Comparing dual fuels tariffs is certainly worthwhile, but it can be time-consuming. You’ll need to contact a number of dual fuel suppliers and get quotes so that you can compare the different dual fuel deals. However, not all suppliers offer dual fuel discounts in the same way, so it can be tricky to make an ‘apples-to-apples’ comparison.

How to find the best dual fuel deal

Finding the best dual fuel deals is easy when you use an energy broker like Smarter Business. We compare quotes from energy providers on your behalf to help you switch to the best dual fuel deal for your business.

Read more about switching energy suppliers and finding the best dual fuel deal here.

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