What Kind of Energy Consumer Are You?

by | Apr 15, 2019

Competition in the energy market has brought more choice than ever before to active consumers, while the less engaged are still on more expensive default tariffs.

So, which category does your business fall into?

How engaged are you with the energy market?

Deeply Disengaged

  • Non-switchers
  • Poor understanding of price differentiation in the market and the benefits of switching

Peevish Pragmatist

  • Some appreciation of the benefits of engaging
  • Energy is not a sufficient priority to the business to motivate you to frequently compare or switch

Steady Sceptic

  • Strong affinity to your current supplier
  • Respond to your supplier’s prompts to switch tariff, but don’t believe there is much benefit to be gained from changing supplier

Receptive but Reactive

  • Appreciate you can save money from switching supplier
  • Tend to respond to offers made to you, rather than seeking them out

Canny Considerer

  • Low energy spend
  • Still appreciate the benefits of switching and will do so regularly

Shrewd Spender

  • High energy expenditure
  • Focused on minimising costs to the business
  • Seek out better deals and switch regularly

How to become a more engaged energy consumer

Promote effective competition by being actively engaged in managing your energy. This pressures suppliers to innovate and offer better products and services for them.

But many small businesses simply don’t have the time. That’s why many choose to outsource their energy management to the experts.

What type of energy consumer are you

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