What makes Smarter Business the best energy consultant in the UK?

WATCH: Our Director of Sales, Helen Grove, explains:

Here’s what makes the best energy consultant:

I genuinely believe the Smarter Business goes over and above for every single customer and it most definitely has the customer at the heart of everything it does. And this is from the top-down; we have a superb, reputable, energised brand out there and supply partners not only recognise that but acknowledge it on a continuous basis.

Smarter Business for me stands out mainly because of its levels of transparency and compliance and its level of customer conversations – they are excitable, they are informed, they are educated. We’re always ensuring that the customer is at the heart of everything we do and it’s important that we empower our customers and provide a level of choice. There are not many other energy consultants out there who are not only willing to do that but invest in ensuring that that customer journey is above expectations. And that’s what makes Smarter Business one of the best energy consultants in the UK.

An independent view on the UK’s best energy consultant

Cornwall Insight is a leading utility industry consultancy. The company recently released its latest third-party intermediary (TPI) index in which Smarter Business is ranked as the third-largest TPI in the UK. Cornwall Insight’s quarterly report gives an overall understanding of how the energy market is performing. It also recognises TPIs such as Smarter Business for their achievements.

The team at Smarter Business see gaining a ‘third place’ as a significant achievement for the company, which is fast overtaking its competitors.

Here’s how the best energy consultants are ranked

Cornwall Insight’s profiles the most notable TPI competitors in the SME and I&C markets. These rankings of the best energy consultants are derived by Cornwall Insight based on existing knowledge, and supplemented by information from the public domain – including broker websites, Companies House information, social media outlets, the energy trade press and the Utilities Intermediaries Association (UIA).

TPIs are assessed on these four parameters:

  • Finances
  • Services
  • Contracts
  • Employee numbers

Smarter Business was ranked third of all TPIs assessed. Ready to do better business with one of the top energy brokers in the UK? Contact us for a free quote.