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Securing a higher bandwidth priority for your business broadband communication speeds…

Every business owner understands the vital role played by connectivity to customers and prospects. That’s why having a business broadband package suited to your needs helps improve contactability, your customer journey, as well as internal communications and pipeline procedures.

Have you ever considered whether your current plan is appropriate for the way you do business?

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We’ve found that there are two main elements that need to be taken into consideration when deciding if your current plan is suitable for your business’s needs:

  • Does your current plan provide the necessary speeds?
  • Does your current provider hinder your operations through download limits and packet losses?

Most providers understand that, as a modern-day enterprise, reliable broadband speeds form an important part of any business, which is why business customers have access to greater speeds than the domestic markets.

The benefits of business broadband:

  • By switching to a business-specific plan, you can conduct business as usual – even during peak hours – without the worry of traffic restrictions and reap the rewards of faster download/upload speeds.
  • As a business, you are treated with higher priority as providers understand the pivotal role connectivity plays in day-to-day operations.
  • You can bundle your broadband deal with business landline packages for a comprehensive business telecommunications solution.

How do I switch my business broadband provider?

The process is quite straightforward. All you have to do is:

  • Call us on 01444 220060 and one of our business savings experts will discuss your business’s connectivity needs or fill out our quick quote form and we’ll call you back.
  • Our experts will then search the market and come back to you with the most cost-effective plans to suit your business’s needs.
  • You decide which option is most beneficial to your business’s needs.
  • If you’re setting up a new connection, we can take care of everything on your behalf and your provider will arrange the installation of your connection at your convenience. If you’re switching providers, all you have to do is contact your current supplier and request your MAC (migration authorisation code) and provide this to your selected provider (in the vast majority of cases, new providers no longer require this).
  • You’re done and on your way to bigger savings and better speeds!

Discuss your connectivity needs with one of our qualified business broadband consultants