Business plan for waste management - picture of recycling bins.

Does your business plan for recycling and waste management?

As pressure mounts to improve the ways we waste, a business plan for recycling and waste management is a must for today’s organisations.

In a controversial move, States of Guernsey are set to introduce this kind of system for residual waste collections in 2019. Starting next year, Guernsey parishes will start charging for the collection of general waste, allowing the State to recover the subsequent processing and disposal costs. The payment system will use prepaid stickers (the equivalent to using a postage stamp on a letter) to charge for each bag. The possible introduction of PAYT in the UK has been discussed, although there are concerns of public opposition.

Regardless of whether or not this system is implemented in the UK at large, having a business plan for recycling and waste management allows organisations to save time, effort and costs in their daily operations.

Government is also under increasing pressure to reduce litter and tackle plastic waste. In December 2017, The Environmental Audit Committee published a report entitled ‘Plastic bottles: Turning Back the Plastic Tide’. This report contains a series of recommendations, such as:

  • Waste producers paying more for recycling
  • Introducing a deposit return scheme
  • Mandating the proportion of recycled materials in new products
  • Implementing incentives for producers to design better products

In addition, MPs recommend that Government adapts a producer responsibility compliance fee structure that would reward designs that are recyclable, encourage the use of recycled plastic, and increase the cost of products with packaging that is hard to reuse or recycle.

Tackling waste is a key priority for Government, which means that businesses in the UK should follow suit, with a clear business plan for recycling and waste management.

Business waste management: budget well-spent or should you bin it?

In devising smart solutions, coming up with an innovative business plan for recycling and waste management can be a challenge, especially for smaller businesses that lack sufficient resources to carry out the required research and execution.

Using a consultant for your business waste reduction, recycling, recovery, and disposal can save both time and money. At Smarter Business, our business waste management experts specialise in offering comprehensive commercial waste management to meet the needs of your business, as well as the requirements of Government.

Get in touch with a business waste manager today to create an effective business plan for recycling and waste management.