SuperCity Hotel Chain - Smarter Business Case Study

SuperCity Hotel Chain

SuperCity Hotel Chain Smarter Business saves SuperCity Hotel Chain £250,000 through energy contract alignment True energy solutions with tangible results: With expertise covering large, multi-site, […]

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Bed Linen for Case Study: Woodgrange Laundry - Smarter Business

Woodgrange Laundry

Woodgrange Laundry Smarter Business secures £30,000 savings on Woodgrange’s corporate energy contract. Bringing expertise and a solutions-driven approach to the issues experienced by Woodgrange Laundry, […]

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low angle view of modern skyscraper exterior and sky

Voltix Services Ltd

Voltix Services Ltd Smarter Business negotiates supply contracts to 94 sites, finding solutions to solve business water and energy challenges and securing £150,000 in savings. […]

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Laundry Case Study: Woman loading laundry washing machine with cloth

Essex County Laundry

Essex County Laundry Through bill validations and renegotiated energy contracts, Essex County Laundry saves £900,000 through Smarter Business’s comprehensive energy services. Essex County Laundry Ltd, […]

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