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For more than 25 years CBGA Robson has provided advice and consultancy on investing in commercial property, along with property management services, to commercial landlords.

CBGA Robson actively manages client portfolios to ensure that services are delivered consistently, that value is achieved in procurement and that clients are shielded from rate changes or incorrect billing – a common problem in the sector.

CBGA Robson required assistance in the fields of administration, as they found that managing over two hundred meters required a full time overseeing role – which detracted from their regular business. There was also a strong interest from CBGA Robson to further their understanding of their specific energy consumption patterns.


For the past three years, Smarter Business has overseen all aspects of tenant administration for utility procurement, bill validation and dispute resolution, to ensure that accurate data supports tenant’s mark-to-market reviews.

“Since Smarter Business took over, we have been able to spend more time focusing on the core of our business, knowing that the utility administration is in safe hands,” said Richard Turner, Partner at CBGA Robson.

The decision to partner with Smarter Business was also driven by the need for regular analyses of CBGA Robson’s energy consumption and plans to support sustainable investments. “Being Green” is an essential requirement for property managers, as pension funds and real estate investors benchmark investments against their carbon emissions.

Monitoring energy efficiency for each property is a key performance metric. The use of technology, coupled with expert engineering support, empowers Smarter Business to deliver these crucial requirements to our clients.

“Understanding our energy use and consumption has helped us to raise the profile of our properties, while at the same time allowing us to drive down cost,” Richard Turner also commented.

Smarter Business Bureau Services successfully manages the following for CBGA Robson directly:

14,000,000 MWh

of gas per year

20,000,000 MWh

of power per year

1,200,000 m³

of water per year


  • Bill validation (prior to payment)
  • Tenant rebilling
  • Smart meter monitoring
  • Submission of accurate and up to date meter readings to suppliers to ensure accurate billing
  • Supplier contract negotiations
  • Supplier complaint and query resolutions


CBGA Robson have been able to expand their operations and focus on winning mandates, confident that the administrative burden of procurement is managed to the highest standard, adding value to their proposition and actively surpassing tenants’ needs. Combined with a greater understanding of their consumption habits, CBGA Robson has seen a rise in the profile of their properties and a diminishment in cost.