Crest Maze

Simplicity – Service – Savings


Crest Maze, a new Quick Service Restaurant (QSR), was looking to reduce the cost of their waste management services and improve upon their waste service experience.

Crest Maze is the customer’s second business premises, and due to the expensive nature of waste removal – as well as the time limitations associated with running multiple businesses – he was on the lookout for a new waste services provider.

Smarter Business was brought on board to assess Crest Maze’s current waste services and to provide recommendations to save both time and money.


Smarter Business identified a savings opportunity for Crest Maze by amending the current service agreement to better suit the type of waste that is produced on site.

Their previous service schedule was focused on a wide coverage of recyclates. Smarter Business provided savings by identifying the specific recycling types and adjusting their schedule to better suit their needs and their pockets.

In addition, Smarter Business adjusted Crest Maze’s method of payment for the business’ required Annual Waste Transfer Note, adding additional savings to those already made off the adjustment to the service schedule on site.

Smarter Business went on to provide the client with a dedicated account management service, something their previous supplier had not done. This personalised service was demonstrated when a waste collection truck damaged one of the client’s bins and Smarter Business secured a replacement within days.

Everything has been dealt with correctly and communication has been great. We look forward to having a long relationship with Smarter Business.

Hashain Bal, Owner, Crest Maze



Smarter Business significantly improved Crest Maze’s waste management services. They now receive better value for money and a much higher quality of all-round service.

“Smarter Business were very helpful with everything. They knew exactly what I needed and helped me throughout the process. They understood what we were trying to achieve and catered for my needs,” said owner, Hashain Bal