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Essex County Laundry

Through bill validations and renegotiated energy contracts, Essex County Laundry saves £900,000 through Smarter Business’s comprehensive energy services.

Essex County Laundry Ltd, trading as Royal Jersey Laundry, provides commercial laundry services in London and the home counties. The company, founded in 1915 and based in Dagenham, offers its services to a number of five-star, luxury hotels and spas.

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Partner with the experts to negotiate the best future contracts and to assess your past payments.

When they initially contacted Smarter Business for assistance, it arose out of the urgent need to rectify a dispute with their gas supplier. One of their meters had been incorrectly billed and they had been overcharged. They wanted to explore their options around new rates and also wanted to make use of Smarter Business’s bill validation and procurement services.

Understanding your unique business needs and circumstances to offer tailor-made solutions.

In terms of energy, every business has its own unique requirements. Working out an energy strategy is something often overlooked or under-managed by many businesses. It pays to partner with a company that takes the time to understand your business and has the expertise to apply their industry expertise to your circumstances. This was exactly the case with Smarter Business and Essex County Laundry.

Smarter Business managed to secure notable savings for Essex County Laundry by ensuring they were on the contract best-suited to their business. “Their expertise in managing and tendering contracts also enabled us to enter into a new trading arrangement that enabled better use of the wholesale market, which resulted in significant savings of around £900,000 between 2013 and 2017.”

“Smarter Business engaged with us to understand our business and energy requirements, enabling a contract to be structured which provides ongoing savings,” said Essex County Laundry Managing Director, James Lincoln. “They re-tendered with other suppliers that better suited our needs. They also validated our invoices on a monthly basis and, to date, they have found errors in billing amounting to £34,000, which they managed to claim back for us.”

Through a culture of open communication, service excellence, and an expert approach, we feel safe in the hands of Smarter Business.

Smarter Business prides itself on excellent and evidenced customer service and offers ongoing advice and support in order to best serve their clients. Bringing outstanding expertise and a commitment to his clients, their dedicated account manager, Tim Sealy-Fisher, continues to nurture Essex County Laundry’s ongoing energy strategy for sustained savings.

“They are in regular contact with us through face-to-face meetings and Tim provides a complete corporate energy procurement service for us which involves monitoring the market and purchasing gas on a daily basis as well as cost forecasting for each financial year,” said James, who remarked that the transparency of the service was one of the features that made doing business with them so easy. “Smarter Business provides a transparent process when they complete the tendering, break down all the costs, and provide forecasts. They are very good at keeping us up-to-date and they provide constant updates on what they expect our costs to be.”

Reducing electricity costs is the current short-to-medium-term focus. Through targeting, monitoring, and reporting, Smarter Business are looking at longer-term plans to drive down peak period energy costs for Essex County Laundry.