Kernock Park Plants Ltd

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saved over a 5-year contract term


Kernock Park Plants in Cornwall is an independent wholesale producer of high-quality, young ornamental plants. The business has been a long-standing client of Smarter Business and they approached us to navigate them out of an underperforming energy management contract.


We have been handling Kernock Park Plant’s energy contracts since 2014 and, when their contract with us came to an end in 2018, we approached them with a renewal quote. However, an agreement had already been made with a new broker.

Looking into their newly agreed contract, we identified that the rates were significantly higher than market-related prices and approximately 1.7 per / kWh higher than what we had offered.

The company has a large property, which means saving on energy costs can have a significant impact on bottom-line results, so we stepped in to help. We were able to nullify the existing contract and, through Dataview (our energy analytics platform which tracks energy patterns and costs), we were able to negotiate a new contract with the existing supplier.

We also alerted the client to the fact their energy usage had decreased radically in the month of May compared to the month previous, due to a decision by the client to halt supplementary lighting.

Our response to this was to run a Comparison – Week v Previous Weeks report which allowed us to demonstrate the impact these changes had made.

By renegotiating our energy contract, Smarter Business was able to save us significantly on our energy expenditure.

In addition, the insights from the Smarter Business reporting provided us with data that enabled us to identify and implement further energy efficiencies, saving us even more. This is a sign of a true energy partnership.

Richard Harnett, Director, Kernock Park Plants Ltd



saved over a 5-year
contract term


This job was a great example of the insights our reporting can provide. The new contract we negotiated on behalf of Kernock Park Plants delivered immediate savings and results.

Through our proactive approach to data analysis and reporting, we were able to provide the client with accurate, objective data that helped influence important and beneficial energy management decisions.