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energy contract


Smarter Business provides gas and electricity procurement and management services to four of The Marjara Care Group’s care homes in Scunthorpe.

We were brought in by the group to transition the homes from one shared energy contract into individual contracts for each establishment.


The group’s previous energy broker had placed all of Marjara Care Group homes under one single energy contract as opposed to splitting them between the different sites. This was posing a problem for the owner, who was unable to distinguish the individual consumption habits and energy costs of each home.

We spent a significant amount of time fighting to split these contacts by site with the original energy supplier. However, after persistent work from one of our account managers, we succeeded in the endeavour and completed the novation.

As well as being responsible for the management of gas and electricity contracts for the four care homes, we also handled the procurement and contract negotiation for new care home sites opened by the group and water procurement and management.

Leesa ensures that things are done and carried out to the best of her ability. We appreciate her persistence with us and with suppliers. She continues to support Marjara Care Group in the fullest by taking a lot of the burden away from managing our energy accounts by dealing with them in an efficient way. She is very thorough and finds the best possible pricing for our business. We are very busy, and we appreciate that she works to deadlines. We couldn’t be without Smarter Business going forward.

Mr. Sumeet, Director, Marjara Care Group



energy contract


Thanks to the trustworthy relationship we built up with Marjara Group, we were able to uncomplicate their energy contracts and bills.

A much more seamless process, Marjara Care Group can now easily see the amount of energy each site is accounting for and the cost thereof.